Why is domain authority important? ( Top 8 Reasons )

The authority of a domain is one of the most important metric of a domain, generally speaking, the higher the domain authority is the better and easier the domain will actually rank. The problem is that increasing the authority of a domain is a long and fairly slow process. A lot of people think that the domain authority ( DA ) is actually a google metric, the truth is that the DA is a Moz metric.

The domain authority is important because your website will rank better in google, lower google sandbox period, faster indexing, easier to get featured snippets, more natural backlinks, more traffic, less impact from google updates, and even higher earnings.

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Even if the domain authority is not actually a google metric, it is safe to say that Google also has a relatively similar metric. Back in the day google used page rank ( PR ) to establish the authority of a website. The page rank was public information and a lot of websites displayed their high page ranks with pride. But as with everything in SEO this metric also could be manipulated, and you would often see PR9 websites with scraped or spinned content, and yes it was that easy to increase the PR.

Google eventually decided to ditch the page rank and use an internal metric which is not public information. People who are in the SEO business for a long time knew how important the page rank system was, and it was only a matter of time until somebody filled the void, and thus the domain authority metric from Moz popped up. Even though this metric has nothing to do with Google, it is still a fairly good metric to establish the authority of a website.

The problem with the domain authority is that it can be manipulated, in fact, there are several services that actually increase the DA of your website. Although you might increase the domain authority, that doesn’t mean that you will actually increase the domain authority of your website in google’s eyes. The domain authority of a website can be increased with backlinks, although there are a couple of risks, for more information check out my recent article What are the risks of building backlinks? ( Top 11 Risks ).

Better Google rankings

One of the main reasons why domain authority is so important is that it actually determines how your website ranks. Generally speaking the higher the domain authority is the better the content will rank. Although content is generally considered King, but the truth is that you have probably seen a lot of low-quality articles ranking by taking advantage of the domain authority, this is called parasite SEO.

If you are in a low competition niche and you target low competition keywords than focusing on increasing the authority of the domain is not that important. On the other hand, if you are in a competitive niche like finance, real estate, fitness, or health than the domain authority will determine who ranks higher. Generally speaking the content in high competition niches is fairly high quality, and google will rely more on the domain authority in this case than on anything else when determining who ranks.

Lower google sandbox period

Every website has a sandbox period, there is no other way around it. The problem is that the Google sandbox is actually per post, so every time you publish a new post, this will be placed in the google sandbox for 6-8 months. Generally speaking the google sandbox for new websites is around 6-8 months, and for old and established websites it can be as low as a couple of weeks. The main determining factor of how long the google sandbox will last is the domain authority.

The higher the authority of the domain the lower the sandbox period will be, and for low competition keywords your website will actually skip the sandbox period. The age of the domain and the domain authority go hand in hand, and this is why so many people are buying expired domains with high domain authority. If you want to know how to get out of the google sandbox faster than check out my recent article How to get out of Google sandbox? ( In 8 Steps ).

Faster indexing

Indexing new posts is a real problem for the past couple of years. A couple of years ago people were relying on indexing services which used to work well, although today none of them actually index posts or backlinks. Even if you submit your new posts to google search console you might still not get indexed. The indexing problem seems to get worse with each update, sometimes due to bugs in how indexing works, while other times google crawls your post and will simply not index it.

Generally speaking domains with high domain authority tend to have their posts and pages indexed rather quickly. If the high authority domain is constantly publishing content than the odds are that Google will crawl the new content a lot faster and actually index them. The indexing problem is mostly in high competition niches, where simply put there are way too many websites competing for the first position.

Easier to get the featured snippets

Not a lot of people are talking about feature snippets, although this is probably one of the easiest ways to jump to the nr. 1 position. Most websites that are in low to medium competition niches and have optimized their articles for the rich snippets have no problem getting the featured snippet. On the other hand in competitive niches where the money actually is, almost every website is optimized to get the featured snippet.

This is another case of google having to choose between a lot of high-quality websites and posts. Generally speaking, if all the content on the first page is high quality, relevant, and fairly long than google will look at the authority of the domain when deciding who gets the featured snippet.

More natural backlinks

Websites with high domain authority tend to get a lot more natural backlinks than websites with low domain authority. The main reason for this is because high authority domains tend to rank for a lot of smaller keywords and secondary keywords. A lot of bloggers when they are creating a blog post they tend to link out to a couple of relevant websites from where they got some of the information.

Generally speaking, this a good on-page SEO technique, although it is also extremely important to what kind of websites you are linking back. This is why a lot of bloggers and webmasters will only link back to high authority domains, hoping that the authority of their domain will also increase, although this is not how it actually works. If you want to get more high quality and natural backlinks than check out my recent article How to get Backlinks organically? ( In 12 Easy Steps ).

More traffic

Generally speaking domains with high authority tend to get a lot more traffic, even from keywords that are not relevant to their niche or post. This happens when there is a void in a certain niche, and Google doesn’t have a lot of trust for most of the websites in that niche. This is why you often search for a keyword and see an article pop up in the first position which vaguely mentioned something about the keyword, although the entire article is probably about something unrelated.

Although this traffic tends to have a fairly high bounce rate, but the website won’t lose the rankings until a competitor writes an article with the user intent in mind. This is how some bloggers and webmasters actually make their keyword research, while others would avoid these keywords simply because the first ranking posts are from a high authority domain.

Less impact from google updates

If you have a new website no matter if it is blackhat or completely whitehat you will probably notice every time a Google update is being made. Generally speaking, what tends to happen is that a new website will slowly increase in the ranks, and slowly start getting more and more traffic. Although once a google update happens the odds are that you are going to get a hit in some cases, oftentimes losing you months of rankings.

Google favors authority in every niche, and you will often see that these high authority domains do not seem affected by the Google updates. This is why you see a lot of Pinterest links ranking on the first page after a google update, although before the first ranking post had 2-3k words, but now an image with 20 words is ranking. Usually, these Pinterest links fall off the top positions a couple of weeks later, although this is not always the case.

Higher earnings

No matter if you are focusing on affiliate marketing or on display ads, if you have high domain authority you will earn significantly more. The domain authority is a lot like branding, and if your website has high domain authority than it is most likely ranking for a lot of keywords, even for the ones which you do not actually target. If a user with buyer intent searches for information a certain product and he or she sees that every time they are searching for that niche will land them on your website than the odds of buying from you are extremely high.

This is why generally speaking domains with high authority tend to have hundreds of articles, this way they make themselves an authority in a given niche and thus gain a lot more trust from Google.

In conclusion

As you can see having a higher domain authority is extremely important, as it directly impacts how your website ranks and how fast your website actually ranks. It can take a fairly long time to increase the domain authority of a website, although generally speaking backlinks are the main factor that increases the authority of a domain.

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