When to start outsourcing content? ( The 6 Steps )

Outsourcing is when you pay others to do the work for you, usually, bloggers who outsource their content tend to build a writing team. This way they can churn out a lot of content and target a lot of different niches. The problem with outsourcing is that it is kind of expensive, sure you can get articles for $5 but the quality of these tends to be fairly low. Outsourcing your blog’s content can be both a blessing and a curse, if you don’t know what you are doing then you will most likely just waste your money.

You can start outsourcing after you have written the first 50 articles after you have learned how to do keyword research, after your blog started making some money, after you have tested out several writers and writing services, after you have made a budget, and after you calculate your ROI.

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The problem with beginner bloggers is that a lot of them jump on the outsourcing bandwagon, without knowing anything about their niche. Don’t get me wrong, even if you are new to a certain niche you can still manage to write high-quality content and your website might even become an authority after some time. Although if most of your content is outsourced and you have no clue about the niche than the quality of the articles will be fairly low.

The main reason for this is because you will simply not know if the information is accurate, or if it is even giving value to the user. There are a lot of bloggers who outsource content, but the ones who are successful at it are the ones who actually know a lot of information about the niche. This is why I always recommend beginner bloggers to write the first 50-100 articles themselves, this way they learn a lot of valuable information about the niche.

Some bloggers outsource every aspect of their blog, from content to editing, images, keyword research, and so on. Some can pull it off, although most of these people will end up with an extremely expensive blog without any actual results. Blogging is not an industry at which you can simply throw money at it and expect amazing results, quality is the most important factor which dictates how well your blog ranks in google. If you are new to SEO you might want to use outreach for building links, for more information check out my recent article Why outreach for backlinks doesn’t work ( Top 10 Reasons ).

After you have written the first 50 articles

If you are targeting a niche in which you do not have a lot of experience than it is vital to write the first 50 articles yourself. Far too many beginners outsource the content from day one and then wonder why their site never ranks or it is getting slapped around by google updates. If you are outsourcing the content from day one than the person who is actually writing the content will spend only a limited time for fact-checking and research.

After all, you are paying them to write the content and not for doing keyword or niche research. Generally speaking, most content writers will simply write the targeted keyword in google and get all the information from the first page, and if some of the information is not actually correct then you will have a hard time identifying it later down the line. Simply put the more articles you write yourself the more you know about the niche, and the easier it will be to know which articles are actually high quality. If you are at the part of picking a niche than you should probably check out my recent article first Types of blogs that make money ( Top 18 Types ).

After you learned keyword research

A lot of bloggers do not make any kind of keyword research and this is a big mistake. Generally speaking, you should target keywords with low traffic and low competition for the first 50-100 articles. These low competition keywords do not have a lot of traffic, on the other hand, they also tend to be less competitive, thus a lot easier to rank for. It is extremely important to target low competition keywords when starting a new blog.

There are a lot of different keyword research methods, the problem is that they do not work in all niches. Simply put you will have to experiment with different keyword research methods and find the one which works the best in your niche.

After your blog has started to earn money

Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to reinvest a portion of your money back into your blog. Usually, most bloggers will reinvest into their blogs by outsourcing content as this is the most time-consuming aspect of making a blog. Once your blog has already started making money than you have a clear sign that when most of the articles rank on google you will be earning even more money.

There are a lot of different ways to monetize a blog, and you can even make some serious money with very little traffic in competitive niches. Usually, a new blog will start earning money after 8 months, as for how much it will earn it depends on the niche which you are targeting. If you want to know how long will it take your blog to start earning money then check out my recent article How long does it take to make 500 per month blogging? ( The Truth ).

After you have tested out several writers and writing services

Old-time bloggers always test out new content writers and content writing services, it is simply not enough to have money when it comes to outsourcing. The main determining factor which ranks a blog post is its quality and the user’s intent when coming to the blog. The problem is that a lot of bloggers find some random article writing service and they start sending out orders to them. The quality will vary from one platform to another and from writer to writer.

Usually, when you test out a writer you will have to make an order and use some generic keyword. This way you will see what is the writer’s writing style and if the content is any good. A lot of writers use text to speech software, in this way they can churn out a lot of content. The problem is that talking on a microphone and writing are two different things and you will often notice that the articles are barely readable.

The testing of writers and writing services can take a fairly long time and in some cases a considerable investment, this is why most people just use whatever they can get their hands on. One telltale sign of the quality of a writing service is the price, if you are paying $5 for 1000 words then you will get what you have paid for, most likely the quality of such articles will be fairly low.

After you have made a budget

When it comes to outsourcing you have to make a budget for it, otherwise, you will be getting articles only once in a while. If you are outsourcing content for a new blog than it is extremely important to get the ball rolling by publishing as many articles as possible. The problem is that most beginners simply miss the boat and publish 5-10 articles per month, which is simply not enough for getting noticed by google.

All websites have a sandbox period, and most websites are abandoned before the websites come out of the sandbox. Google has a lot of data and they know that most sites will be abandoned in the first couple of months. Usually, the ones that get abandoned have only a couple of articles, and if you write a lot of articles than google knows that the likeliness of the website being abandoned is fairly low.

Let’s say for example you have a blog with 10 articles, and it took you one year to write these 10 articles. Now let’s say that you have a blog with 100 articles which you have written in one year. Which one of the two do you think google will trust more and will actually rank?

After you have calculated your ROI

The ROI is the return on investment, simply put the profit which you will make by outsourcing the content. A lot of people will oversimplify it by calculating how many hours you are actually saving yourself by outsourcing and they calculate this as profit. This is not how it works, even if it takes you 8 hours to write a high-quality article you might never make a dollar from it, and this is the same with outsourcing.

You have to take into consideration that even if you have outsourced the article it is still up to google if it will rank the article or not. Your main goal should be to make back the money in around one year and everything beyond a year should be pure profit. Let’s say you outsourced a 2k word article for $40, once you have published the article it will be in the sandbox period for around 8 months.

After the post gets out of the google sandbox it will start slowly ranking. In order to break even in the first year, you will have to make 0.33$ per day from the article after the sandbox period expired, so if the sandbox period takes 8 months then you will have to earn 0.33$ per day for 4 months and you have made your money back. This also depends on how you monetize your blog and in what niche the blog is.

What you should not do is add the traffic estimate to the calculation, there is simply no guarantee that you will hit the first position on google. In addition to this if the article is high quality then it will rank for a lot of secondary keywords that you are not directly targeting.

In conclusion

As you can see you shouldn’t jump on outsourcing content from the start, only do this if you know what you are doing. Once you have a good number of articles than you can start thinking about outsourcing some of the content, but not all of them. Most Amazon affiliate websites tend to have outsourced content and you can tell this by the quality of the writing, so you should probably write these review posts yourself.

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