What are low OBL links? ( Where to get them? )

Low OBL links are low outbound links, which simply mean the number of links that are going out from a certain page or post. Generally speaking the lower the obl is the better it is for SEO, especially if your main goal is to rank for a certain keyword. Google tends to split off the “link juice” between the outbound links, the more outbound links there are on a page the less link juice each of them gets.

Low PBL links can be extremely valuable, but the site where the backlink will be placed needs to have good metrics, high DA, PA, TF, and so on. If you get a low obl link from a website that is fairly new and doesn’t have any kind of authority in the niche than it is rather pointless. The low obl term is a couple of years old, back when blog commenting used to be a viable strategy, and page rank was a ranking factor.

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This is why you see even today blogs with thousands of comments and each of them having a backlink, at that point the number of outbound links is so high that Google will consider the site where these links are placed as a spam website and it won’t pass any link juice. Having low obl links is good for SEO, but the backlinks have to come from a niche relevant website and the website has to have strong metrics.

If you have ever wanted to buy PBN backlinks then you have probably noticed that most sellers will say that all the backlinks are low obl, however, if you are buying homepage PBN backlinks than this is not true. Oftentimes sellers will sell homepage low obl PBN backlinks, only for you to find out that the number of links on the homepage is limited and your homepage backlink will be removed extremely quickly, which defeats the purpose of the low obl homepage backlink. If you have too many backlinks, the obl of them doesn’t even matter, for more information check out my recent article Can you have too many Backlinks? ( Top 10 Negative Effects ).

Low obl guest posts

Guest posting is still a thing that can rank your website, although it is slowly fading into obscurity the same as blog commenting has. There are some websites which allow guest posts, some of them will even have a link where you can submit your article usually it is “write for us”.  Currently, most SEO gurus will say that you need to make outreach, which is simply begging other webmasters to link back to them, usually for a fee but some will do it for a free article.

Trust me, no blogger who knows what he is doing will ever accept a guest post from anybody, why would you link back to your competition. Bloggers who accept guest posts just for a free article take a massive risk, you might look at it as a free article but what I really see is some cheap probably spun article, which you will link to a low-quality website. Webmasters who accept guest posts for a set fee either don’t know what they are doing or they are so desperate to make some money from their website that they are willing to sell guest posts, which is against google tos and sooner or later they will be slapped into oblivion. The truth is that you can rank without building any backlinks, although you will need high-quality articles for more information check out my recent article Can you rank a website without Backlinks? ( Fact or Fiction? ).

Low obl blog comments

Google used to take into consideration blog comments when it comes to ranking, today however it is a different story. The problem with blog comments is that they are extremely easy to build with software, generally speaking, the easier it is to make a backlink from a website the more it will be spammed.  This is why most sellers are selling low obl blog comments, although no matter how low the number of outbound links are, they are still useless.

There are a lot of metrics at which google looks at when considering a backlink, low obl is just one small piece of the puzzle, and even if the website has good metrics that still doesn’t guarantee that you will rank, sometimes exactly the opposite happens. Generally speaking, blog comments no matter how low their obl is are fairly worthless when it comes to SEO and ranking.

Low obl parasites

Parasites are websites where you can post an article, usually, these are web 2.0 websites. A couple of years ago these were excellent when it came to ranking, although today they do not have the same weight as before. The main problem with parasites is that these can easily be made with software, and if you use spun content then this will be a red flag in the eyes of Google, and in the best-case scenario, they will only disregard the backlink.

Some SEO gurus will say that you need to write an HQ article for the parasites, but why would somebody waste time writing an article just to place it on a parasite when the parasite has most likely been identified as a link farm by Google. You would be much better off just by adding this article to your website, it will take some time until it will rank but at least you will see some results.

Low obl PBN backlinks

PBN backlinks are backlinks from a private blog network, some of them are extremely powerful they can get you out of the sandbox extremely fast and they can help you rank for high completion keywords. The problem with pbn backlinks is that most of them which are sold are worthless, their obl doesn’t even matter, some of these PBN’s are not even indexed and if the pbn is not made properly than backlinks from the pbn will be worthless, or they even can cause more harm than good.

If you have ever searched for pbn backlinks than you have probably noticed that some come as cheap as $5 while others can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. These PBN backlinks are priced based on their DA, PA, TF, and how many outbound links they have. The problem is that DA, PA, TF, and other metrics can be easily manipulated, so you might end up spending a lot of money on some worthless PBN backlinks and then wonder why you don’t see any results.

In conclusion

Generally speaking, low obl backlinks are good for SEO, although there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. Not every backlink from a low obl page or website is the same, relevancy is the key, and if you are getting backlinks from random websites than odds are that Google will not even index them.

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