Should I buy PBN links? ( Top 15 Pros & Cons )

PBN backlinks are private blog networks, generally speaking, these are small blogs that have high metrics like DA, PA, and TF, and they are mainly used to improve the rankings of websites. Usually, they are built on an expired domain that already has some link juice and this is what gives the PBN its authority and trust in google’s eyes. As these are private blog networks only the administrator can place links on it, which makes them have a low OBL which is excellent.

If you are wondering if you should buy PBN backlinks than you have to know that there are several pros and cons to PBN backlinks. PBN backlinks can rank your website extremely fast, but you have to find high-quality PBN’s, and this will probably be a massive challenge. In short, if you are new to SEO then you should stay away from PBN backlinks, on the other hand, if you know what you are doing then go ahead and use them.

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In the past couple of years, PBN backlinks have started to get extremely popular, although not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Where there is money to be made there will be a lot of people trying to make a quick buck, and the quality of the links will suffer. When it comes to PBN links you have two options, either make your own private blog network or to buy links from already established PBN’s.

If you are a beginner then you will most likely buy them, as building them is a lengthy process and it tends to be fairly complicated. Every PBN in your network should be hosted on different IP, should have different “who is” information, and they shouldn’t be interlinked with each other. On top of that, you have to also make the content and find yourself some high authority domains on which to build them.

So your best option is to buy them, but you have to be extremely careful from where you buy them as a lot of PBN’s are not what they seem. The price of a PBN link depends on the authority of the domain like DA, PA, and TF, the problem is that these are metrics that can be easily manipulated with just a couple of links. The last thing you would want is to buy PBN backlinks from a link farm which has its authority increased artificially, at that point you would be better off just burning your money. If you want to rank your blog faster, one of your options is to use PBN backlinks, for more information check out my recent article How to rank a new blog faster? ( In 9 Easy Steps ).


PBN backlinks which are high quality tend to be extremely beneficial for ranking, some people rely on PBN backlinks for their entire SEO. Generally speaking, PBN backlinks are used in high competition niches for extremely competitive keywords. There are some niches where you simply can not rank without PBN’s, mostly because everybody in the SERP is using them, so in order to compete you have to use them as well.

Fast rankings

One of the main reasons why people use PBN backlinks is that the results can come extremely fast, generally speaking, you should see an increase in rankings in a matter of weeks, and not months like you normally do without building backlinks. On how fast your website will actually rank depends on a couple of factors, how authoritative the PBN is, how competitive the niche is, and the quality of your on-page SEO. Usually, high-quality PBN backlinks tend to have low OBL, for more information check out my recent article What are low OBL links? ( Where to get them? ).

Few backlinks

High-quality PBN’s tend to be extremely powerful, which means that you do not have to waste money on building hundreds of backlinks. Although generally speaking most people tend to buy a couple of PBN backlinks for the same post, one PBN can be enough for some niches but for high competitive niches you will need a couple of them. There is simply no point in blasting the PBN’s with backlinks as these are usually indexed.

Fairly cheap

PBN backlinks tend to be fairly cheap, although this is not always a good sign, but with some luck, you can find some extremely cheap PBN’s which are also extremely high in quality. Now if you come from Fiverr, and you have seen that there are a lot of gigs offering hundreds of “PBN’s” for something like $5 than just remember that you get what you pay for. Usually, PBN backlinks are not sold in bulk, and their price starts at $50, some are cheaper and some are more expensive, depends on the PBN’s authority.

No footprints

Reputable sellers tend to sell PBN backlinks without creating any footprints, this is why it isn’t a good idea to use the same PBN network for your second site, this will be instantly red flag in google’s eyes. Some sellers will warn you about this, and some will simply not allow you to place your website on more than a couple of PBN’s. On the other hand, there are sellers who only care about money, so think carefully.

Already indexed

One problem with SEO nowadays is how hard can it be to index new backlinks, in some cases Google will never index some of the backlinks and that is normal. PBN backlinks tend to get indexed extremely fast as they are already on a post or page which is already indexed and usually these individual posts also tend to have a fairly high PA ( page authority ). So you do not have to worry about indexing services, tier 2 backlinks, and so on. PBN’s are fairly similar to parasite websites, with one main difference which is that on the PBN only the administrator can post, for more information about parasite SEO check out my recent article What is parasite SEO? ( Why is it so Popular? ).


As with everything in SEO, PBN backlinks also have a couple of cons. The main problem with PBN backlinks is that everybody is selling them, and most of them are clueless about what they are actually selling. On the other hand, there are a lot of sellers who simply build up these blogs with extremely low-quality content and they want to monetize it by selling backlinks, usually, these tend to have a lot of footprints and odds are that Google has already figured out that they are selling links which are against google TOS.

Fake authority

This is usually the main problem which you will see with a lot of PBN’s. The price of PBN backlinks is determined by their authority the higher the DA, PA, and TF is the more it will cost. The problem is that these metrics can be easily manipulated, and most sellers do artificially inflate the stats of the PBN domains so that they can earn as much money as they can. Usually, the backlinks which they create to increase the authority of the PBN is a massive footprint in google’s eyes.


I know that I said that they are fairly cheap, for the most part, this is true but only if the PBN is high quality. I mean who wouldn’t want to rank for a keyword where they earn $1000 a month and they only spent like $500 to get there. The problem comes when you buy a PBN backlink and you don’t see any results, the seller will most likely say that you need more of them as the competition to that keyword is extremely high.

You might find yourself spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars without any results, and at that point, the PBN backlinks have done more harm than good. Google has probably identified the PBN’s as a link farm and will not pass link juice, hopefully, it won’t pass the penalty onto your money site.

Deindexed PBN’s

If you have bought PBN’s than the first thing you have to do is to check them if they are indexed. There are a lot of sellers who are selling backlinks from deindexed PBN’s and a lot of people do not even notice it. As soon as google identifies the PBN for what it is, a link farm, it will either penalize it or simply deindex it. If the main domain is not indexed than the link is worthless, the last thing you want is to have a backlink from a dodgy deindexed domain.

Low-quality content

Oftentimes PBN’s are built up just to sell links, and the owner of the network will not invest in high-quality articles. What they tend to do is to use scraped or spinned content, which is a massive flag in google’s eyes. and having a backlink from such a PBN will do more harm than good. If you bought some PBN links then you have to check out the quality of the articles, not only on the post where your backlink is coming from but from other posts as well.

No report

Yes, you have heard it right some sellers do not even give a report with the backlinks, so you are left in the dark. Some sellers do this in order to protect their PBN’s, as sometimes buyers tend to take the report and blast all the links with as many backlinks as they can, which basically destroys the PBN. On the other hand, there are some sellers who send no report simply because they can get away with it, in the worst case you didn’t get any PBN backlinks.

Some sellers will build a couple of backlinks which will increase your websites DA, PA, or TF, just to show as “proof” that the PBN links have been created, although you should be skeptical about this approach.

Google penalties

Google doesn’t like PBN backlinks, in fact, Google doesn’t like any kind of backlinks that you create in order to manipulate the rankings. More than often personal blog networks tend to be penalized, as google can fairly easily determine that they are selling backlinks. The problem is that the penalties tend to get passed through the backlinks, which means if google slaps the PBN than it will negatively affect your money site as well.

Blackhat method

I am not saying that blackhat is bad or you shouldn’t do it, what I am saying is that there are a lot of beginners who tend to get fooled by sellers who claim that the backlinks are created in a white hat way. Any backlink which you create or buy in order to rank is blackhat, the problem is that most people do not know what the difference between blackhat and whitehat is, and you will see a lot of whitehat bloggers saying stupid stuff like they are using whitehat PBN backlinks and such.

No guarantees of ranking

PBN backlinks do not guarantee you will rank, most sellers will try to blame the quality of your website why you are not ranking even with several PBN’s. Now I am sure that you have a high-quality website, but you will never believe how low quality most peoples website is, and they actually think they have a high-quality website.

Homepage PNB links

There are some sellers that sell homepage PBN links, although permanent homepage PBN links are fairly rare. What they actually do is place your link on their homepage, in a matter of only a couple of days, the backlink will be gone from the homepage. Usually, sellers will say that these are temporary homepage backlinks, but some of them will not. On the other hand, some will actually sell permanent homepage PBN backlinks but if you check out the homepage you will see that it has hundreds of outbound links, which makes the backlink worthless.

Temporary backlinks

Although most sellers will sell permanent PBN links, but the truth is that not all of them are. Less reputable sellers will simply remove the backlink in a couple of months without giving you any notice. If you are ranking due to some PBN backlinks and your rankings dropped than you should check if your link is still on the PBN and if the PBN is still indexed. Depending on where you have bought the PBN backlink you can report the seller, although there is nothing much you can really do.

In conclusion

As you can see PBN backlinks have several cons and pros, it will be extremely difficult to identify a good PBN as the metrics of the domains can be easily manipulated. If you are planning to buy PBN links then make sure to get them from a reputable seller, which has a lot of positive reviews.

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