SeoClerks ( Before You Buy ! )

Right off the bat, I am letting you know that I am using SeoClerks since 2012 and I am also promoting some of their services. SEO is big business and there are a lot of marketplaces selling SEO or SEO related services, although just with like any other marketplace you have to know what to look for and what you are actually buying. There are SEO services for every kind of budget, but as a general rule, you should stay away from the cheapest ones.

If you are a part of a forum or an SEO community you have probably heard that you shouldn’t buy from these marketplaces, usually they are referring to Fiverr and SeoClerks. The truth is that SeoClerks is a massive marketplace for people who want to outsource SEO services, and even if you are buying from a forum or some other site than odds are that the seller will outsource most of the work if not all from SeoClerks.

If you take a closer look at what SEO services people are selling on forums than you will notice that they are selling more or less the same stuff like sellers do on SeoClerks or Fiverr, with one main difference, which is the price. With a simple rewrite of the description, a seller can sell a $5 backlink package for $50 by simply outsourcing from SeoClerks. Most sellers on forums try to differentiate themselves from each other although they are selling the same stuff, this is why you see backlink packages on SEO forums named as Lady Gaga, Buzz, and so on.

Most of these sellers will outsource from SeoClerks and the main reason why they are using these kinds of names is that most sellers are selling the same stuff, so they have to stand out from the crowd in some way. Basically, if you have bought a lot of backlinks in the past than odds are that the backlinks are actually coming from SeoClerks, so why not cut out the middle man and just buy from the main supplier.

As with any other online marketplace, there will be low-quality ones as well, now this doesn’t mean that that the entire marketplace is low quality, although people who are reselling these services would want you to convince you that this is the case. Before buying or building backlinks you should read my recent article When to start building links? ( Top 6 Criteria ).

SeoClerks vs Fiverr

SeoClerks is an online marketplace that mainly focuses on SEO services, Fiverr on the other hand will sell anything from SEO services to tarot readings and literally everything between them. When it comes to link building than you should definitely go with SeoClerks, on the other hand, you can buy the same backlink packages from a forum for 10x more. Fiverr is extremely saturated for sellers, although this is good news for the buyers as the price of the gigs will go down but the quality of the work will be also a lot lower.

Sellers on SeoClerks can offer a guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the work the buyer can simply get either all their money or a percentage of their money with no questions asked. Getting a refund from Fiverr is a nightmare both for the sellers and the buyers, both of them have the option of canceling an order but this will always have negative consequences for the seller.

If a seller canceles an order then he will have a lower completion rate and a higher cancellation rate which will basically make the gig not show up on the marketplace. This is especially problematic for new sellers who only have a couple of orders, a cancellation or a negative review can mean the end of selling of Fiverr. Now as a buyer you might think that this is not a problem but it kind of is, as the seller will try to avoid a cancellation at all cost, and in some cases, they would rather have negative feedback.

On SeoClerks the competition is also high, but serious sellers can pay to promote their service, which means that they will invest in their gig around $500 per month to make theri services featured on the first page. As a buyer, it is extremely good to see services in which the seller has actually invested money. After Fiverr has launched a lot of similar marketplaces popped up like Gigbucks, Tenerr, Fourerr, and so on, although most of these sites are still online but the vast majority of them are abandoned. If you want to outsource your blog’s content then check out my recent article When to start outsourcing content? ( The 6 Steps ).

Buying backlinks

Although SeoClerks is an SEO marketplace, but by far their best services are the ones for backlinks. They do have article writing services as well although you should outsource your content from places that focus only on writing articles as their quality will be a lot higher. There are a lot of different types of link building services, from link wheels, link pyramids, and other backlinking packages.

As a general rule no matter where you are buying backlinks  from you should know at least some SEO before you purchase. The problem is that most beginner webmasters only know one thing, that backlinks are important for ranking, but their quality, how they are built, and when they are built are also extremely important. If you have bought backlinks recently than you might see a sudden spike in direct traffic, for more information check out my recent article Sudden increase in direct traffic in Google Analytics ( Top 15 Reasons ).

Buyer expectations

As a buyer, you should have realistic expectations no matter from where you are buying your links from. The problem with most beginner webmasters is that they focus on backlinks way too much, they slap together a 5-page website and start buying backlinks, that website will never rank no matter how high quality the backlinks are. In order to rank on Google, you need two things high-quality articles and high-quality backlinks.

SEO is a puzzle, and if you focus on just one aspect of SEO then you are just wasting your time. Another massive problem with beginners is that they tend to target extremely high competition niches and keywords, no amount of backlinks will rank you in a high competition niche if your website doesn’t have high authority. You should consider backlinks as icing on a cake, if you have bad tastinging cake then no amount of icing will make the cake taste good.

SeoClerks Top Sellers

As with any other online marketplace you will find a couple of top sellers, these usually have the highest quality services and they also know how to market themselves. A lot of people who are reselling services from SeoClerks on other platforms tend to do fairly well, although this also depends on the actual platform. The top sellers tend to sell their services at a higher price but the quality of their work is also a lot higher when you compare them to the smaller sellers.

If you scroll through the reviews of these top sellers you will notice a trend, that there are a lot of returning buyers which in my eyes is a big plus if I am looking to buy some kind of service.


BarryinSiam is probably the best out of the top-rated sellers, he is selling services on SeoClerks since 2011.  Currently, he is selling 12 SEO related services, mostly focused on backlink packages. His cheapest services start from $49 and go up to $997, although not all of his services have the same success when it comes to sales. I have ordered backlinking packages from BarryinSiam in the past and I was not disappointed.

When it comes to reviews he has 4.7 stars out of 5 and this is based on 5k reviews. You will notice that some of the top-rated sellers have a lot more reviews but this is because BarryinSiam tends to sell his SEO services for a premium. There are two main backlink packages which I highly recommend Alpha-PLUS SEO, and the Monthly Managed SEO.


Spotlightseo is another top-rated seller on SeoClerks, she has been selling on the platform since 2012. Currently, she has a 5-star rating out of 5, you can’t get any better than that, and this rating is based on around 10k reviews, she only has 1 negative review out of 10k reviews. Spotlightseo tends to sell her services at a lower price than some of the other top-rated sellers, although she can do this as she is mostly focused on the quality of backlinks rather than on a higher number of backlinks.

I have also used backlink packages from Spotlightseo in the past, mostly for low competition keywords and her backlinks did the job. There are two services from her which I highly recommend the Manually Done Back-links Package which has around 4k reviews and the Shoot Your Site Into TOP Google Rankings which has around 3k reviews.


Shaarx just like most top-rated sellers he has been selling on SeoClerks since 2012. Currently, he has a rating of 5 stars out of 5 and this is based on 8k reviews. If you have bought high Pr backlink packages from a forum or some other marketplace in the past 10 years than odds are that the backlinks were coming from him. His most popular service is the 132+ DOFOLLOW High PR1-PR7, which you will see on a lot of forums being sold with a different title and description for a massive profit.

Shaarx is selling backlink packages at a very affordable price, and this is why his services are frequently resold on other marketplaces.


Seoboyz has been selling SEO services on SeoClerks since 2013, currently, he has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and he has more than 5k reviews. His most popular service is the Boost your ranking on Google within 3 Weeks, currently, this service has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars and around 3k reviews. I have used this service a couple of times in the past for local business websites and once the backlinks got indexed the rankings jumped up. Seoboyz is selling several SEO services from $5 to $179, and his most popular one which I mentioned above is $15.


Bert is selling on SeoClerks since 2011, currently, he has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and around 5k reviews. He has several popular services that are resold by others on forms and other marketplaces. The link building package which I have tested out in the past with extremely good results is the Ultimate Ranking Package. This is also one of his most popular services, with over 2k reviews.


Vfmseo is selling on SeoClerks since 2015, currently, he has a 5-star rating out of 5, and over 10k reviews, in fact, he is one of the few sellers which only has 1 negative review. He has an extremely popular PBN service, which only costs $5, and if you have bought PBN’s in the past than chances are that the PBN’s were coming from him. His most popular service is the Build 10 High PA DA TF CF HomePage PBN Backlinks, which has 5k, 5-star ratings.


ChrisBrownSEO has been selling on SeoClerks since 2012, he has a 5 star out of 5 ratings from 500 reviews. The main reason why he has so few ratings when compared to the other sellers is that he sells his link building packages at a much higher price. The main difference between him and other top-rated sellers is that his services are good for high competition niches and keywords.

One of his best services is the GOOGLE SEO Agency, which is good for high competition keywords where rankings can be extremely difficult. Although this service is fairly expensive when you compare it to others, but if you would hire some other SEO agency then you will pay 3x times more at least.

In conclusion

As you can see SeoClerks is a good SEO marketplace, and if you have been buying link building packages in the past than odds are that some of those backlinks have been outsourced to SeoClerks. If you have been buying backlinks from other marketplaces or forums then browse around SeoClerks and you will start seeing these services being resold for a higher price so cut out the middle man and buy the backlinks directly from SeoClerks.

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