Ready made amazon affiliate website ( Worth it? )

Amazon affiliate websites can be extremely profitable, even though the affiliate commotion is going down almost every year. Every time Amazon reduces its commotion a lot of people panic and change all their links to other networks like Walmart, eBay, BestBuy, and so on. These offer somewhat higher commissions than Amazon but if you have checked them out you already know that the conversion rates of these is atrocious.

Ready-made Amazon affiliate websites sound too good to be true, and for the most part, they are, as they can be extremely expensive for what you get, the profit potential is just a buzzword, most of them have low-quality content, they target extremely competitive niches, most of them focus on product reviews, they come with additional costs, they have poor keyword research and for the majority of them they do not have any traffic.

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Even if Amazon lowers its commotion rate to 1% you will still make more money than with any of the other similar affiliate programs. This is because a lot of people have already an Amazon account and Amazon is extremely good at converting. I do personally recommend you start with an Amazon affiliate website as it is extremely easy to set up and it is very beginner-friendly, although not all Amazon websites are meant to be successful.

As being an Amazon affiliate can be extremely profitable a lot of people have started selling ready-made Amazon affiliate websites. Buying an already established Amazon affiliate website is a good idea if you do not have the time to create all the content yourself. On the other hand, most of these ready-made Amazon affiliate websites are not established, and most of them have just around 10-15 posts.

Around 10 years ago you could get away with a website that has 10-15 posts, today however that is a different story, even websites with 100 posts are considered small. Bloggers who are making a full-time income from Amazon affiliates can make a website with hundreds of posts in a matter of a couple of months, although they mostly invest in content than anything else. If you already have a website then you should know how the wp theme which you are using is impacting your traffic and rankings for more information check out my recent article How to choose a WordPress theme? ( In 15 Steps ).

High price

One of the main drawbacks of buying an Amazon affiliate website is the price, even smaller sites can cost hundreds of dollars. Now everybody will tell you that you need to invest money to make money, but the truth is you can invest time if you do not have money. Generally speaking a website with 50k words will cost you anything from $4k-$6k, now you might think that 50k words are a lot.

The truth is that 50k words are around 20-30 posts which are still on the smaller side and without adding more content you won’t generate enough traffic to make your money back. Anybody can make a website extremely cheap, the only thing which these ready to made amazon affiliate websites have is content. So basically you are paying $5k for 50k words, which is extremely expensive.

Generally speaking a high-quality article that has 1000 words will cost you between $10-$20, if you hire a writer from Upwork, or you use a freelance writer. With some quick math, let us divide 5k which is how much it costs with 50k which is the number of words. The result will be 0.1 which means you are paying 0.1$ per word, now let’s see how much a 1000 word article will cost you from one of these ready-made Amazon affiliate websites.

Simply multiply 0.1 with 1000, and the result is 100, this means that you are paying for a 1000 word article 100$. Sellers will say that you are paying the 5k for the entire website, but let’s face it, these websites have little to no traffic, so the only thing going for them is the number of articles and words on the articles. Just get a domain slap on a wp theme on it and outsource the writing, with an average price of $10 per 1000 words you can get 100k words in total for 1000$, just my two cents. If you have just bought an affiliate website and you wonder when to start doing SEO then check out my recent article When to start building links? ( Top 6 Criteria ).

Profit potential

You will see this profit potential an almost every sales page, this is just a buzzword to get you to imagine how hard you will bank with the website. The truth is that without any additional work or investment you will never be able to achieve it. Even if the price of the amazon product is high that simply means that the competition will be a lot higher and you won’t be able to rank with a 10-15 post website.

These traffic estimates can not be calculated, as there are a lot of things which impact it like how the website will rank in the future, how will the google updates impact it, and most importantly changes in the Amazon affiliate commissions.

Low-quality content

Some sellers do offer websites for sale which have a fairly high quality of content, however, most sellers which make their full-time income from selling ready-made Amazon affiliate websites will focus mostly on how much profit they can make. Generally speaking, they will outsource the content and do it as cheaply as possible, so they make a nice profit. Don’t get me wrong you can get away with low-quality content in some niches, but for a buyer intent keyword there is a lot of competition and you need to have high-quality content.

In some cases you might find it that the articles are simply scraped from other websites, so make sure to check each article with Copyscape before you make a purchase. As most of these articles are outsourced to the lowest bidder the articles will be as generic as possible, which is a big no-no in a lot of niches.

Competitive niches

Most of these ready-made Amazon affiliate websites are targeting extremely competitive niches. The main reason why they do this is that the price of the product on Amazon tends to be higher and most beginners will think that they will make a lot of money. The problem is that the higher the price of a product is, the more competition there is, although you might pinch a sale or two here and there but doing it consistently will be a challenge.

Competition in a niche is a good thing, it shows that there is a lot of money to be made in that niche, but if you are new to affiliate marketing than you should stick to niches that are less competitive. High competition niches are dominated by established high authority websites, some of them are 10+ years old and have hundreds of articles. You will simply not able to compete with them any time soon. Most competitive niches are dominated by websites using PBN backlinks for more information check out my recent article How to buy high quality PBN links? ( Top 12 Ways ).

Product Reviews

Most people when they think of Amazon affiliate websites they will think of a review site. This is because affiliate “gurus” have been saying the same useless thing over and over again for years already, that you need to target reviews as there is where the money is. The truth is that these review websites perform fairly poorly if their only content is reviewing this and that. Google is fairly smart and they know when you write an article about the “Top 10 rice cookers” you will list the most expensive ones rather than testing the devices out and giving your users the best information that you can.

Now you might look up some random reviews and you will see that a lot of websites rank for them, but most of them are fairly old and have high authority. In the past couple of years, Google has been slapping these Amazon affiliate review websites, and it even started to rank actual reviews from Amazon from real buyers.

Additional costs

Most people who buy a ready-made Amazon affiliate website will just let it sit and hope that one day they will make their money back and some profit. The problem is that most of these ready-made websites are way too small, and unless the articles target low competition keywords than ods of the website ranking are slim to none. Some people do outsource more content to the website, which is what you should also do.

If you want to rank on google then you should make some high-quality backlinks, some sellers who sell ready-made amazon affiliate websites will also sell you SEO services. I would suggest you avoid these as much as you can, they most likely outsource this just as the articles and make you pay 10x times more for it, as for the results I really doubt you will have any. Remember that the goal of the seller who sells SEO services is to have you as a client for as long time as possible.

Poor keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of a website, the problem with ready-made amazon affiliate websites is that the keyword research is all over the place, some have excellent keyword research while others target topics which could make a lot of money but they are extremely competitive. Ranking in a competitive niche is possible, but only if you know what you are doing and you have the budget for it.

The problem with a lot of beginners is that they have a basic grasp on what affiliate marketing is and most of them think that by buying a ready-made affiliate website they will earn an income passively. Passive income is possible, in the long run, and only if you invest a lot of time and effort into your website. Simply buying a ready-made website and hoping that one day will rank will not make it passive.

No traffic

Most websites are sold based on their traffic, the more traffic they have the higher the price will be. The traffic source also is a major factor when determining the price of a website, generally speaking, organic traffic is the most valuable followed by social media traffic. The problem with these ready-made Amazon affiliate websites is that most of them have absolutely no traffic, and without traffic, there is no profit to be made.

Some sellers will say that the website which they are selling is getting X amount of social media traffic, you should stay away from these. It is extremely easy to use bots and mask it as social media traffic. On the other hand, if the social traffic is actually real than the social media account should be included with the sale of the website, otherwise, the website is worthless without the traffic coming from that social media account.

In conclusion

As you can see ready-made affiliate websites are not a good investment, and they do come with a lot of pitfalls. Just place yourself in the seller’s shoes, if you would be able to churn out amazon affiliate websites which will make you passive income for a long time, then why you would sell it for a fraction of what the website could make in a year.

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