Is blogging a waste of time? ( Top 8 Reality Checks )

Right of the bat you have most likely landed on this post to convince you that blogging is not a waste of time, the truth is that for the vast majority of people it is a waste of time. No matter in which industry you are working, you have to make some sacrifices, and for a lot of people, blogging comes with a lot of sacrifices without any significant results. A lot of people simply do not think of blogging as a business and they end up neglecting their blog after some time.

No, blogging is not a waste of time, but for the vast majority of people it is a waste of time as they have unrealistic expectations, they don’t know that blogging takes a long time, they lack motivation, they are not consistent, they use risky shortcuts, they have writer burnout, and constant google updates can make all that hard work useless.

Generally speaking, the hardest part of blogging is writing the content, if you do not have the time to write a lot of content than my personal recommendation is to start outsourcing the writing to professionals Click here to check it out

During the lockdown, a lot of people have started new blogs, and some people in the SEO community were freaking out as the competition was getting higher. Although most of these blogs are since abandoned, and that is normal, as it takes a certain type of person who is willing to invest hundreds of hours of work into a project only to not see any kind of results for the first year. A lot of people who have made blogs do not even renew the domain name, and then wonder why their site pops up after a few months with the same content but owned by somebody else.

In fact, there is a certain portion of the SEO industry that focuses only on buying expired blogs and monetizing them, somebody’s trash is another one’s gold. Don’t get me wrong blogging is still a thing and the income potential is massive, but only if you are willing to put in the work. Every time Google makes a new update there will be people claiming that blogging and SEO are dead, just ignore them, they tend to overreact every time Google makes an update.

Even if you do everything correctly and follow the Google guidelines then you might find yourself that you have simply wasted your time with blogging. Blogging is the easy part, getting traffic is the hard part, and most people will give up after a couple of months. If you are wondering which one is the best for you, either blogging or making a YouTube channel then check out my recent article Should I start a blog or a YouTube channel? ( Pros & Cons ).

Unrealistic expectations

For people who have unrealistic expectations, blogging is a waste of time. I honestly can’t blame a lot of people who give up after a couple of months of blogging, if you go on youtube you will see thousands of videos all promising them that they can make a full-time income in less than 30 days. If you are part of an SEO or IM forum than you have probably seen a couple of these threads asking people how they can make 2k per month after 2 months of blogging.

A lot of people tend to oversimplify things, and they want to eliminate any kind of barrier of entry that you might have when it comes to blogging. They do this to convince you to purchase their online course, but even if you do not purchase the online course you will still have the perception of how easy blogging is. On the other hand, there are people who can actually make a nice amount of money with blogging after only a couple of months, what they forget to add that they have over 10+ years of experience, they know how to rank websites and how to drive traffic.

For the average person making a blog is not easy, and if you have ever made a blog then you know how difficult things can be. Even if you focus on high-quality content you are still not guaranteed to make a profit in the end. If you are wondering how long will it take for your blog to start earning money then check out my recent article How long does it take to make 500 per month blogging? ( The Truth ).

Blogging takes a long time

Generally speaking, no matter what kind of blog you make it will take a fairly long time until you get any kind of traffic. A lot of people think that they can write a couple of articles and then just wait for google to rank the articles. This was a legit strategy a couple of years ago, build as many websites as possible, wait 6-12 months, and see what ranks and continue working on them. Creating a blog takes around 30 minutes if you know what you are doing, the article writing part will take the longest time.

A couple of years ago blogs with only 10 posts could rank, today however these small blogs will rarely rank. Google tends to favor authority, the bigger the site the more authority it has, and this means that you will have to write a lot of articles. Around a decade ago I was making small websites with 10-15 articles, let them rest for a year and I would only add more content to the websites which were already ranking.

That was a long time ago, today I have a similar approach but instead of writing 10-15 articles, I write at least 100 articles and only then I let the site rest. Some people even today write 10-15 articles and move on, I do not recommend this approach although if you know what you are doing and you are targeting low competition keywords than you might see some results.

Lack of motivation

If you are a beginner blogger then you have to figure out some way to motivate yourself. It is extremely hard for somebody to work for months on end without seeing any results, and not even knowing if they are doing things correctly or not. Established bloggers have no problem with motivation, I personally treat it as work, I wake up in the morning and start working for a couple of hours.

Established bloggers do not have to consistently ask themself if it is worth their time to write new content as they already have a couple of blogs that are ranking. If you are a beginner than my personal recommendation is to check the search console every day and take a look at the impressions, it should slowly go up and this will motivate you that things are starting to happen.


Bloggers who are adding content slowly to their blogs are most likely wasting their time. Far too many people write only a couple of articles per month, and then they say they have been working on their blog for a year, but when I ask them how many articles they have they will usually say 15-20. Writing 10-20 blog posts in a year is not enough, you need to write a lot more content in a short time.

Ideally, you should write at least 50 articles in the first couple of months if you have a couple of hours free every day than you should write one article every day. The first couple of months of your blog’s life are the most important ones, if you are constantly adding articles to your website than this is a good sign for Google. Google knows that most small websites will be abandoned, but the chances of a website with 50-100 posts being abandoned are fairly low.

Risky shortcuts

There are a couple of shortcuts that you can make to get organic traffic a lot faster. Usually, these kinds of shortcuts come in the form of building backlinks, although building backlinks is not an exact science and even people who have been doing SEO for a decade tend to mess it up from time to time. A lot of beginners are lead to believe that all they need is backlinks in order to rank, this was true a couple of years ago, but today this strategy doesn’t work that well.

Far too many people start buying backlink packages without knowing anything about SEO or even how to determine the quality of the backlinks. They also tend to build the backlinks at the worst possible times, which only end up hurting their blog in the long run. If you want to know more information about when you should start building backlinks than check out my recent article When to start building links? ( Top 6 Criteria ).

Writer burnout

Writer burnout for bloggers is a real thing, and it is fairly similar to what writers go trough after writing the same book for months or years. If you have only one website and you are not even interested in the niche which you are targeting than the burnout will hit you in a couple of weeks. At that point, most bloggers take a break from writing content, but odds are that they will never add a new article if they do not see any results.

You can avoid this burnout by targeting a niche which you are actually passionate about, or by creating several blogs. I usually write for a month for one of my websites and I change the website every month, this way I never burnout.

Google updates

Google tends to update its algorithm fairly regularly, people who are not in the industry will probably never notice it, although they will notice it if the SERP results are filled with spam. If you are new to blogging than probably nobody has ever told you that the success of your blog will be determined by these updates. Even high-quality websites can be punished by these updates, and recovering them takes a long time.

Far too often people ride the wave of success, only to get slapped around by the google updates until they simply give up. This is why you should never put all your eggs in one basket, always diversify, have several blogs in different niches and several monetization methods. If one of my websites gets hit by a google update than I move on and work on other websites, and I only start working on the penalized website after it has recovered, there is no point in beating a dead horse.

In conclusion

As you can see blogging is not a waste of time if you are committed to it and you do not give up on writing content. The problem is that far too many people give up way to fast, and in their case blogging is definitely a waste of time. The lack of motivation is what determines a lot of people to abandon their blogs, don’t do it, just keep on working on your blog, and eventually, you will start seeing the results.

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