How to resell SEO services for a profit? ( In 8 Easy Steps )

The SEO industry is big business, and there is a lot of money to be made. New websites are popping up every day, but only a fraction of them will actually make a profit. The truth is that the vast majority of websites are abandoned in the first year. The number of websites that rely on SEO traffic are abandoned even faster, as it takes a long time to rank and to see any significant return on investment.

You can resell SEO services for a profit by knowing where to buy, knowing where to sell, writing an awesome description, testing the SEO service, combining different services, knowing how to upsell, not reselling for cheap, and by offering a detailed report to your buyers.

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This is why a lot of people choose to buy SEO services, the faster their website ranks the faster they make back their investment. You can find SEO services for every kind of budget, although the quality of the services will be different from one seller to another. There are a lot of beginners selling SEO services and they have no clue about SEO, usually, most of them just use an automated bot to make the backlinks, which are the worst kind of backlinks.

There are a lot of white label SEO services, which simply means that you get the client, outsource the work and you will make a nice amount of profit. Generally speaking, these white label SEO services are extremely expensive for what they are selling, and odds are that even they are outsourcing the backlinks. This is how your client might need up spending $300 for basically extremely low-quality backlinks which are worth $10 at best.

If you want to resell SEO services than your reputation as a seller is extremely important. There is simply no point in selling junk backlinks for a profit, your goal is to get return customers and in order to make them come back to your SEO services then you have to offer them a high-quality SEO service. You can also outsource content for a profit, for more information check out my recent article When to start outsourcing content? ( The 6 Steps ).

Know where to buy

The demand for SEO services is increasing every year, and if you want to resell SEO services then you have to find a place where you can buy them cheap and sell them for a profit. You can even find sources which build backlinks for free or for as cheap as $1, my recommendation is to stay away from these and aim to give actual value to your buyers. The best place from where to buy SEO services is SEOClerks, this is an online marketplace which is mostly focused on SEO services.

If you scroll through the website you will see that the price of the SEO services will be different for every seller. My personal recommendation is to choose a service that is featured, these tend to be more expensive but they tend to be high-quality SEO services, and this is the kind of service you want to resell. In addition to this, the website has other types of services on offer, so browse around and explore the website. You can also resell ready-made websites, for more information check out my recent article Ready made amazon affiliate website ( Worth it? ).

Know where to sell

Knowing where to sell will either make you a nice profit or you will be waiting for months on end to get a buyer. Most people who want to resell SEO services tend to place these services on their website and hope for the best, odds are that nobody is going to buy unless you have a lot of traffic. The other type of SEO reseller is the one that advertises the SEO packages, with Adwords and social media.

The problem with this approach is that it cost a lot of money, let’s say you want to resell a service that costs you $10 and you want to resell it for $20, and you start advertising. Basically, you will need to make a sale before you spend $10 on ads to make a profit, but the cost per click for SEO services usually starts at around $5, and yes that is $5 for a single click. So in the bast case scenario, you will get one sale from the two clicks.

The truth is that if you advertise in an extremely competitive niche then you will find that the ones who are clicking on your ads are actually your competitors, this is an old method that can simply bankrupt an entire business that relies on ads for traffic.

Instead, you should go to a place where there is already a massive demand for SEO services and most of the users have the intent of buying SEO services. By far one of the best places to resell SEO services is Fiverr, the prices tend to be significantly higher than on other SEO marketplaces and the traffic coming to Fiverr is massive. If you are reselling on Fiverr than you won’t actually need a website and you don’t even have to pay to promote your services. If you do not know anything about SEO then you probably should take some time to learn SEO before you start reselling, for more information check out my recent article How long does it take to learn SEO? ( Honest Truth ).

Writing an awesome description

The pitch is the description for your SEO services, this is by far the most important part for reselling SEO services. The problem is that a lot of beginners just copy and paste the description from one marketplace to another. Fiverr knows that there are a lot of resellers on their platform and usually they will instantly flag gigs that do not have a unique description. Reselling services is frowned upon on a lot of marketplaces, but this is how the world works, when you are buying milk from your local supermarket you are buying from a dealer and not directly from the farmer.

It is vital that you make a good description, this will come also into play how your service ranks on the marketplace. If you are not speaking English well then this will reflect in the description, so you have to hire somebody that knows English. There are way too many new sellers who use google translate for the description, don’t do this as the translation is extremely poor.

Test the SEO service

Far too many people who resell services do not actually test the SEO service, and later down the line, they are only asking for trouble. Problems can occur, and you have to make sure that your delivery time is not too short. If the service which you are buying delivers in 3 days than when you are reselling it you have to set the delivery time to 7 days. A lot of people who are selling backlinks come from 3 rd world countries and it is not uncommon for a seller to be without internet for a couple of days.

Make sure that what the seller is offering is actually what you get, if you re reselling backlinks than make sure to check the quality of the backlinks with backlink reporting tools. Most sellers are honest but this doesn’t mean that they are all selling high-quality services.

Combine different services

If you want to maximize your profits then you should combine several SEO services into a package deal. Let us say for example that you are reselling 10 high PR backlinks, and your competition is also selling the same number of backlinks, what you could do is to find two services which offer similar backlinks and combine the both of them. Do note that most backlinks are made with software and this is also the case for manually created backlinks.

You should test both of the services out to make sure that they are delivering what they are selling and to see how they respond to buyers. A lot of sellers will simply deliver the file and never answer your questions, or they are as vague as possible and in some cases, they will answer your questions until you buy and they ignore you after the sale has been completed, you should avoid this kind of sellers.

Know how to upsell

Most of your profit will come from upselling your services, although in theory this sounds easy but the truth is that it is fairly difficult. Most people do not know how to upsell, they just send their pitch and hope for the best. Let’s say you are reselling a service for $20 the upsell should be a maximum of 50% of the initial order, and the upsell should add value to the buyer. The upsell should also save some money for the buyer as this will his incentive to purchase.

Let’s say that you are reselling 10 backlinks for $20, when you pitch your upsell it should be something like 20 backlinks for $30, this way the seller saves some money and you increase the revenue from one single sale. Just keep in mind that you should always calculate how much the upsell will cost, plus the fees which all platforms have which is around 20%.

Don’t resell for cheap

There are two types of marketers, the one which competes in quality and the one that offers the same stuff as everyone else but at a lower price. Do not compete with lower prices, it will bankrupt you sooner or later. If you compete with lower prices than you need a lot of sales to make a profit, the more sales the higher the chance that something might go wrong, maybe you submit the information incorrectly when you are buying backlinks, it can happen.

What you should do instead is to give a valuable service to your buyers, identify which services are in high demand, and resell those. Generally speaking the more reviews a service has the higher the quality of the service is but this is not always the case. There are a lot of resellers who resell 1$ services for 5$ and the quality of such services is extremely low. What you should do is to resell services which cost around $20 for $50, you will get fewer sales but your profit margins will be a lot higher.

Offer a detailed report to your buyers

Once you have got your first order and you are ready to deliver it, then make sure to double-check that everything works correctly, after that package it in an easy to understand form. Most sellers deliver SEO related services in a TXT file, the problem with this is that it looks extremely unprofessional. What you should do instead is to make an Exel file and break down the DA, PA, and TF of each backlink.

You should provide as much information to the seller as possible, if you also have the login details for the websites where the backlinks are coming from then you should add these as well. There are specialized softwares that you can use to analyze the DA, PA, and TF of backlinks. Usually, these work on a credit system and they are fairly cheap, there are also free alternatives but they rarely work.

In conclusion

As you can see reselling SEO services is fairly easy, you don’t need a website and you don’t even need a social media account in order to be successful. There are a lot of people who are reselling SEO services as the profit margins are extremely high, but you should stand out from the crowd by actually offering a high-quality SEO service instead of reselling the same old $1 SEO service which everybody is doing.

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