How to promote a fashion blog? ( Fast & Easy )

Fashion blogs are extremely popular, although a lot of people think that they are fairly easy to promote but the truth is that the fashion niche is a strange one. For most niches, you can rely on getting traffic from google after some time, but this is almost impossible with fashion blogs. The main problem with fashion blogs is that the trends are always changing, and it seems that fashion trends are changing today faster than ever.

You can promote your fashion blog by creating a brand, making a YouTube channel, using Pinterest, Instagram, making a Facebook page, using social media buttons on your posts, turning comments on, using outreach, going on podcasts, writing high-quality articles, using a newsletter, and by using push notifications.

With a fashion blog you should work on ranking for your own brand first, my personal recommendation is to use a ranking service which delivers results in 3 weeks Click here to check it out

If you would rely only on organic traffic from Google then you will have some difficulties getting traffic. All new blog posts have a sandbox period, which lasts around 8 months, and odds are that after 8 months the fashion trend will be replaced by a new one. Basically, it will take you so long to rank on google that you will completely miss the boat. This is why you see a lot of fashion blogs being promoted on social media.

Social media is a great source of traffic for fashion blogs, although during the past couple of years all social platforms started to limit how many people you can reach with your posts. Social media companies figured out that the longer a user stays on their platform the more money they make from them with ads, and this is why a lot of them do not like sending people to other websites, basically they earn less money that way.

If you have a fashion blog then you have to choose one of the two options, either rely on SEO or on social media, you could target both of them but that will be an uphill battle. Generally speaking, most fashion blogs that are ranked for a lot of fashion-related searches tend to be old blogs with a lot of authority, and you will simply not be able to compete in this industry with a new fashion blog. As you are working on your brand you will also increase the authority of your domain, for more information check out my recent article Why is domain authority important? ( Top 8 Reasons ).

Create a brand

All blogs should have some kind of brand, usually, this is also the domain name. The more unique the brand is the better it is, if you go with something like than the odds of your ranking for the term “fashion blog” are slim to none. A couple of years ago this strategy worked well, these are called exact match domains, although in recent years they are not that viable when it comes to ranking.

The main reason why you want to create a unique brand for yourself is that you can promote yourself a lot easier. If your domain has a unique name then you will instantly rank on google for your brand name. Now at the beginning, you will not get any traffic trough people searching for your brand, but once you start promoting your brand people will start searching, and this is how a lot of people will find you. Fashion blogs can make a good amount of money, although there are a lot of different types of blogs which also earn a lot of money, for more information check out my recent article Types of blogs that make money ( Top 18 Types ).

Make a youtube channel

When it comes to social media a lot of people only think of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, although YouTube is also a social media platform. YouTube is the second most visited website after Google and it is also owned by Google. Whenever Google makes a large core update to its algorithm you will notice that more and more youtube videos appear on the first page of google. This happens because google loves to promote its own platforms.

Making a fashion blog with a ghostwriter is almost impossible, you will be able to outsource the content after a while but you have to know a lot about fashion, and knowing where to promote your blog is your first step to success.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the only social media platforms which is still sending out a decent amount of traffic. The problem with social media is that you have to put in a lot of work, and you do not have any guarantees of success. On top of that, you are only one algorithm change away from not getting any traffic. Pinterest is more like a search engine for images than a social media platform, and with the right images, you can get a lot of traffic.

Most fashion blogs are targeting female users, and most Pinterest users are actually female. It is extremely vital to promote your blog to the right audience if you have a fashion blog then you should start with Pinterest. There are a lot of tutorials online on how to get traffic from Pinterest so you should check them out.

Use Instagram

Instagram is mostly used by younger people, so if your fashion blog is targeting a younger demographic than having an Instagram page is a must. During the past couple of years, Instagram has also limited how much traffic they send out, so you have to make sure not to spend 80% of your time on Instagram just to get 1% of traffic from them. You can also promote your blog with Instagram ads, but unless you are selling something on your fashion blog I wouldn’t recommend it.

Create a Facebook page

Facebook is massive, and it is growing every day. In fact, Facebook actually owns Whatsapp and Instagram as well, so when it comes to social media no matter what you do you will still use either Facebook or some other social media platform that is owned by them. Once you have made a Facebook page then you should join a couple of Facebook groups related to fashion, and slowly build up your Facebook page.

Use social media buttons on your posts

You should make it as easy as possible for people to share your fashion blog if you write good content and have a couple of nice images than the users are more likely to share your post. In some cases, one of your posts might get viral, although this is more to do with luck than anything else so do not expect to go viral anytime soon. You should place the social media buttons both on top and at the end of the post.

You should also come up with a catchy phrase that would entice people to share your post. In addition to this if you have already a good number of shares of your post then make sure to show the number of social shares, this way people are more likely to share. On the other hand, if the post doesn’t have any social media shares than do not show the number as nobody wants to be the first.

Turn comments on

Generally speaking, I always disable the comments on my blogs, but there are some niches where comments can be beneficial such as cooking and fashion blogs. The main reason why you should leave comments on is that fashion is subjective, and a lot of people will have different opinions. If you also manage to answer some of the questions asked in the comments section then you are more likely to grow a community around your brand.

The problem with blog comments is that 99% of them are spam, so you should not allow any comments which include a link. There are a couple of spam filtering plugins on WordPress which you should definitely use to filter out all the spam.

Use outreach

Outreach can be extremely powerful if you know what you are doing, both from a branding stand of point and for getting traffic. Generally speaking, most bloggers use outreach to get a couple of backlinks from niche relevant blogs, but you will use outreach to build your brand. Not a lot of blogs link back to smaller blogs in the same niche, but if they do not have to link back to you, just mention your brand than they are more likely to allow such a guest post.

Generally speaking, you should befriend other fashion blog owners, and you will most likely do this while you are promoting your brand on social media. If a blog owner knows you and they know the quality of your blog than they are more likely to mention your brand a couple of times. If you want to build your brand than outreach is excellent for doing that, but if you want to use outreach for SEO than you should read my recent article Why outreach for backlinks doesn’t work ( Top 10 Reasons ).

Go on podcasts

Now if you have never listened to a podcast then you will most likely think that being a guest on a podcast is useless. The truth is that a lot of podcasts are extremely popular and if you manage to be the guest of a podcast than you will have a far easier time for building your brand. The best part about being a guest on a podcast is that you will be associated with the host, and if the host has some weight in the fashion industry than this guest appearance will do magic for your brand.

Write high-quality articles

Now that you are promoting yourself on social media you will start getting some traffic. Once the user comes to your site it will start reading the post, and if it is written in broken English, or simply badly than they will just close the tab. It is extremely important to write engaging content, no matter which niche your blog is in. Far too often beginner bloggers focus on only promoting themselves and they get a surge of traffic in the first couple of weeks and then nobody else is coming.

This is extremely common as first impressions matter a lot, if a new user has a bad first impression of your fashion blog then they will never come back to your blog. On the other hand if you write high quality and engaging content than you will see that a lot of visitors will come back over and over, this will also increase the likeliness of them sharing your article on social media platforms as well.

Use a newsletter

If your fashion blog also contains news about the fashion industry than you could bundle up the weekly news in a newsletter and send it to the subscribed users. Although newsletters are a great way of getting traffic, but if you constantly promoting products or trying to upsell them on something then you will break the user’s trust. Once a user doesn’t trust you they will not unsubscribe, they will simply mark your newsletter as spam.

The more people do this the more will get the newsletter go directly to the spam folder, and this is the last thing you want. Basically, if you do not have anything valuable to add to the newsletter, then you should probably not send it.

Use push notifications

Notifications appear on someone’s screen whenever you make a new post, a couple of years ago this was an excellent way of getting returning visitors, although it is not that effective anymore. A lot of notifications tend to be blocked by some antivirus software, so make sure to use a reputable service for the push notifications. Push notifications are especially good if you are constantly writing new articles, this way your articles will get traffic as soon as you publish them.

In conclusion

As you can see you have a lot of options when it comes to promoting your fashion blog, most importantly you should focus on building your brand on social media. This way people are more likely to check out your fashion blog, and sooner or later you will have a community around your brand, and at that point, you are a successful fashion blogger already.

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