How to monetize a blog without traffic? ( Top 9 Ways )

Generally speaking the more traffic a blog gets the higher its earning potential is, however, the vast majority of blogs do not get any kind of traffic. Monetizing a blog without traffic is still possible although you should have realistic expectations, as you probably won’t be able to make a full time living by monetizing a single blog without traffic. Most bloggers focus on getting as much traffic as possible, which should be your goal as well.

You can monetize a blog without traffic by selling guest posts, selling 301 redirects, selling homepage backlinks, selling the articles, using traffic arbitrage, using it as a portfolio website, flipping and selling the blog, transforming your blog into an ebook, and lastly by optimizing your blog for Bing.

If you are working on several blogs at the same time then odds are that some of them will simply flop, or you might have some old websites which are not performing well when it comes to getting traffic. Most people will simply abandon these blogs as in some cases it is pointless on working on them. With some creativity every blog can be monetized even if the blog doesn’t get any traffic, your goal should be to at least make some money from your dead blog as you probably invested a lot of time creating it.

There is a fine line between a blog that is successful and the one that isn’t getting any traffic at all. Sometimes it is all about luck, I had websites that were hit by every single Google update only to catapult on to the first page after three years. Now I am not saying that you should wait for years and hope that your blog will rank by some kind of miracle, as the odds of that happening are slim to none, especially if the blog is poorly made.

Just keep in mind that monetizing a blog without traffic is possible but it takes some work, and you should probably focus on building a new website rather than trying to monetize a dead blog. Generally speaking, the below-mentioned methods should be used for aged blogs which for some reason didn’t rank, do not monetize this way your blog if your blog is new and still in the sandbox period. If you are wondering how hard it is to make money with a blog then check out my recent article How hard is it to make money with a blog? ( The Truth ).

Sell guest posts

Selling guest posts can be a viable monetization option even if your website isn’t getting traffic, and especially if it has a fairly good link profile. There are some extremely high competition niches out there, and not even a good link profile and high-quality articles will get you any traffic. Although you should only sell guest posts if your website is a real website and not one that is made just to sell guest posts.

Most people who are selling guest posts on different platforms tend to buy expired domains and slap on some articles. On the other hand, your main goal with your blog was to actually rank, which for some reason didn’t happen but the quality of your website can still be fairly high. Depending on which niche your blog is targeting will determine how much you can charge for a guest post, ideally, these guest posts could also start ranking your blog. You can sell these kinds of guest posts on sites like SeoClerks and Fiverr. Some people sell guest posts on auto blogs, for more information check out my recent article Does auto blogging still work? ( The Truth ).

Selling 301 redirects

301 redirects can be even more powerful as guest posts, although not a lot of people are selling them. If you have been building backlinks to your posts and for some reason, they still didn’t rank than you can sell this as a 301 redirect. Generally speaking, your competitors will most likely be interested although your website needs to have a fairly clean backlink profile and not have any penalties.

These 301 redirects are used because they can pass a lot of link juice, although if your blog has a penalty than it could also transfer the penalty to the other website. If you have only a couple of articles then this is probably not a viable way to monetize your dead blog.

Selling homepage backlinks

Homepage backlinks are extremely popular, as they tend to be extremely powerful. Most sellers who sell homepage backlinks will use their own PBN to place the backlinks, usually, these PBN’s are made with the only purpose of selling backlink. If you decide to sell homepage backlinks than you have to limit how many of these backlinks you actually place on your homepage, if you have too many of these outgoing links then your blog will be penalized.

Now you might ask yourself who would want to buy a homepage backlink from a website which doesn’t have any traffic, the simplest answer is your competition. These homepage backlinks are not bought due to their traffic potential but due to their link juice. Even if your blog doesn’t have any kind of backlinks,  a homepage backlink from your blog is still valuable. If you want to buy PBN backlinks then you need to check out my recent article How to buy high quality PBN links? ( Top 12 Ways ).

Selling the articles

There are a lot of people who are looking to buy cheap content, and some people buy websites only for their content. These kinds of buyers will usually repurpose the content and deindex the entire website, this way once google picks up the repurposed content on a new website then it won’t consider it as duplicate content. Usually, these buyers are found on forums, so you will have to search for them a bit.

Traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is simply buying traffic from some place and selling it somewhere else. Traffic arbitrage is big business, and a lot of networks that are selling traffic are using this method. Most websites that are selling traffic are actually selling bot traffic, they either mask it with different referrers and redirects. There are a lot of these so-called traffic selling websites and all are claiming that their traffic is coming from expired domains, redirects, and organic traffic.

The truth is that most of the traffic is coming from small websites made for the sole purpose of buying and selling traffic. The traffic arbitrage method is a fairly black hat method, I won’t go much into depth but the main idea is to buy traffic from somewhere extremely cheap, join a network that pays you for each impression of their display ads.  Now you might think that this is a shady practice which it is, especially for the advertisers who are spending a lot of money and wondering why the traffic isn’t converting.

This is an industry-wide problem, most networks know that the vast majority of their traffic is coming from bots and yet they are still selling them. There are a lot of media buying guides and forums out there and most will claim that you need at least $1k to test how the offer is converting, and yes these are the people who are buying the bot traffic without knowing.

Use it as a portfolio website

You can use your blog as a portfolio website, let’s say that you want to start writing blog content for others, you can simply show your website to interested buyers so they can check out the quality of your writing. Most established freelance writers will have such a demo website, they rarely show their money site as it is risky. In addition to this, there are several affiliate programs that only accept you if you have a website, so you can use your dead website for this.

Flip and sell the blog

If your website isn’t getting any traffic than there could be a couple of reasons for this although the most common one is the lack of content or the quality of content. You will have to invest some money into your website to get it on track of ranking. There are two things for which people who are buying websites are looking for, traffic, and how much the website is making per month. You will most likely not be able to sell it to buyers who are buying due to the traffic or revenue, but you can sell it for someone who is looking to buy a website and use the content.

Transform your blog into an ebook

Ebooks can be extremely profitable in some niches, while in other niches the webmasters are simply throwing at the users for free just to subscribe to their spammy email list. Even with a site that doesn’t have any traffic, you will still have the content. Converting your blog into an ebook is fairly easy, you can do it manually or with specialized software. These ebooks can be sold on a lot of different platforms, you just have to find the audience for your niche.

The best part about converting your blog into an ebook is that you can do it even if your website has been penalized by google. Basically, you have the content and you are repurposing it as an ebook.

Optimize for bing

Although this is not a way of monetizing your blog directly, but if your website is not getting any traffic from google after a long period of time than odds are that your blog has some kind of penalty.  In this case, you could try your luck with Bing, as this search engine can drive a lot of traffic in some niches. Optimizing for Bing is very different than optimizing for Google, think of Bing as Google was 10-15 years ago, I mean Bing is still using tags.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a couple of ways to monetize even a blog without any traffic, keep your expectations low, and you won’t be disappointed. Although you can monetize a blog without any traffic, the problem is that it will take you a long time and a lot of work to make any money, so you should probably spend your time doing something else more productive.

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