How to hire a writer for your blog ( In 11 Steps )

If you are at the point when you are considering hiring a full or a part-time writer to your site than you have to know how to hire a good writer. Everybody with $20 in their pocket can hire a writer, but the quality of the actual articles will be different in everybody’s case. There are a lot of websites from where you can hire writers, some are good while others not so much, and the price of the articles doesn’t really match up with the quality of them.

You can hire a writer for your blog by staying away from SEO writers, knowing where to hire, testing new writers, using test articles, not focusing on native English writers, always checking for plagiarism, not making bulk orders, instructing your writers, by providing the keyword, title and the subheadings, by not focusing on the word count, and by having realistic expectations.

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A lot of beginners who have some money saved up tend to outsource writing as soon as possible, the idea is the sooner they can outsource the faster they can pump out content. Although this is usually not the case, for the most part, the churning out content actually slows down especially in the first couple of months. The process of hiring writers for your blog is fairly simple, but trust me if you have never hired a writer you will have a lot of headaches.

The truth is that hiring writers is not viable in every niche, I personally only hire writers for a couple of my websites, but I tend to write all the articles myself for the websites which are in niches that I am familiar with. Everybody will tell you that the more articles you have the better your website will rank and the more traffic you will get, this is true, but the problem comes when you focus more on the number of articles rather than on the quality of content.

When you are doing keyword research for a niche or an article you have probably seen a couple of websites with hundreds of articles, and they look intimidating. Just read through a couple of these articles and odds are that a big part of the articles is outsourced, written by writers who have no clue about the niche and you can easily spot this from the fairly mediocre quality of the content. These websites with a lot of outsourced content are easily outranked if you write high-quality content, you can also hire writers who are familiar with the niche or you can simply train them. If you are not sure when you should hire a writer then check out my recent article When to start outsourcing content? ( The 6 Steps ).

Stay away from SEO writers

This is probably my best tip for you, simply stay away from writers who write SEO optimized content. The main reason for this is because on-page SEO has changed a lot in the past couple of years, and what worked 2-3 years ago is no longer relevant and might even harm your website. Usually, these writers will use Yoast for on-page optimization, and Yoast is extremely outdated. Yoast focuses on keyword density which is no longer relevant.

The keyword density is the idea of having the keyword in an article a set number of times. So if you are writing a 2000 word article you might have to place your keyword in the article 20-30 times, this is also called keyword stuffing or over-optimization. Google relies on user intent, and a lot of articles are ranking in the first position without even having the keyword in the article. SEO plugins are useless, for more information check out my recent article Should I use an SEO plugin?.

Know from where to hire

When it comes to hiring writers you have a lot of places to pick from, there are online marketplaces, forums and websites focusing only on creating content.  Generally speaking the best writers for hire are on Upwork, Buyselltext, and on some SEO related forums. If you have a fairly large website you might also get a couple of emails from people who want to write for you, you should probably just ignore them as it might be your competition who you will be teaching how to write good content

Test new writers

If you want to hire a content creator from a marketplace than you will notice that there will be a couple of high in demand writers who are always booked and the wast majority of the writers do not have any orders. Most of these marketplaces work on a review system, once the writer gets a couple of positive reviews he or she will rank higher in the marketplace. This is why a lot of beginner writers are dirt cheap, they need the reviews.

At that point, they are not actually working for money but to get a couple of reviews and get the ball rolling. You can find some excellent writers for the fraction of the price, and oftentimes these new writers are even better than the top-rated writers. If you manage to get a couple of good writers providing you with high quality articles than you will notice that you will get backlinks organically, for more information check out my recent article How to get Backlinks organically? ( In 12 Easy Steps ).

Use test articles

Generally speaking, most people who hire a writer for their blog just send the writer the main keyword and let the writer write the article. This is a big mistake, as you probably shouldn’t add the first couple of articles to your website. Once you have got the article make sure to read through it, check for plagiarism, grammatical errors, and so on. Most importantly watch how the article flows, if they are constantly using short sentences than that is not a good sign.

You will have to pay for these test articles like you would with any article, don’t use your niche, pick something generic for which there is a lot of information online. You should test a couple of writers out this way and stick with the best.

Don’t focus on native English writers

A lot of people only want to hire a native English speaker, these tend to cost a lot more and the quality of writing is not that good. There are a lot of people who can speak and write in English correctly yet they come from other countries. Most of eastern European, Asian and African natives speak more than one language, and the odds of you finding an extremely good writer for the fraction of the price are fairly high.

Generally speaking, native English writers cost around $20-$40 per 1000 words, for non-native English writers the same article would go for around $10. Just have a couple of conversations with non-native English writers and if their English is not good than just move along.

Always check for plagiarism

You have to check every article for plagiarism, there are a couple of tools which can help you with this, generally speaking, the one which is usually used is Copyscape, although it is not free. On the other hand, you can just take a paragraph and put it into quotations and search for it on google. If some random website pops up that the article was copied from another website. The bad news is that these plagiarism tools can be fooled extremely easily.

When you get your article you should get a simple text format and nothing else, if you start seeing random stuff like “&saml” which doesn’t really make sense than odds are that these are inserted in the article to pass the Copyscape check. Even if you are working with the same writer for a long time you should still check for plagiarism, even a couple of copied paragraphs could make the article useless.

Don’t make bulk orders

If you are new to hiring a writer or outsourcing in general than you should never do bulk orders. Generally speaking when you make bulk orders for content then the quality of the articles tends to go down significantly. Some writers will even outsource the content to a third party for a quick profit, and that is the last thing you would want. Keep the orders small and pay as you go, there is simply no need to invest a big chunk of money at once.

Instruct your writers

Every writer has a different style of writing, and if you just let them write however they want they will just keep doing what they know the best. The problem with this approach is that the writers do not have a clear direction, how the tone of the article should be, and what type of article he should actually write. Without clear instructions, you will find yourself constantly editing the articles to fit your niche, and this kind of defeats the purpose of outsourcing content.

You have to be very clear when giving the instructions, like what kind of tone should the writer use, and how the article should be formatted. There are a lot of old-time writers who still write in huge blocks of text, this wasn’t a problem in the past, but these kind of articles are extremely hard to read on a mobile device.

Provide the keyword, title, and the subheadings

Usually, people who outsource content will just send the target keyword to the writer, but the more info you give to your writer the better he can write the article. If you can provide the title and the subheadings of the article then you will give your writer clear goals on what aspects of the niche he or she should focus on. Generally speaking, these subheadings can be either LSI keywords or keywords related to the main keyword.

Don’t focus on word count

Generally speaking, the longer an article is the better it will rank, although what tends to happen is that the writers will add as much fluff to the article as they can in order to increase the word count. You will notice if they are inflating the word count while you are testing the writers out. Make sure you let your writer know that he or she shouldn’t focus on the number of words, a shorter article with good info is always better than a long article with a lot of fluff.

Have realistic expectations

Hiring one or more writers will be profitable sooner or later, although only as long as you know what keywords they should target and how to actually write high-quality articles. The problem is that in some niches there is way too much information online, and Google will not consider every single new source of content. Only hire a writer if you have already tested out your own content writing strategy, just hiring writers and hoping for the best never ends well.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a couple of steps which you should follow when it comes to hiring a writer. Your main goal as a blogger should be to give useful information to your users, once you manage to give them that then google will slowly rank your website even with outsourced content. Although make sure that the articles which you are buying are of high quality and not copied from somewhere else.

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