How to get traffic from Reddit without getting banned? ( In 9 Steps )

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, which makes it an excellent platform to get traffic. The problem is that a lot of bloggers know the traffic potential and a lot of subreddits end up getting spammed. Reddit is not like any other social media platform, it is virtually an open forum, where anybody can participate and even make their own subforums which are called subreddits.

You can get traffic without getting banned by warming up the account, following the rules, getting Karma, not spamming, following the self-promotion recommendations, posting on relevant subreddits, not using affiliate links or URL shorteners, by adding value to the subreddit, and by not boosting your posts with upvotes.

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A lot of beginners who just made a website will join as many niche relevant subreddits as they can and spam their articles as much as possible. In the short run, this could result in massive traffic, but sooner or later most of the subreddits will either ban your account or even blacklist your domain. If your account got banned then you can easily make a new account and continue “promoting” your website.

On the other hand, if your domain gets blacklisted then you can no longer use that domain in the subreddits, at that point you can use a new domain or an URL shortener which redirects to the banned domain. In most cases, this will work but it is not an ideal setup. Everybody hates spam, and if you just spam your website’s URL on as many subreddits as you can then you are making things extremely difficult for yourself.

The good news is that Reddit has a couple of guidelines which you should follow and this way you will get a steady amount of traffic from Reddit and your account will be also in good standing. In certain cases even if you follow Reddit’s guidelines you still might end up banned in some of the subreddits as every subreddit has additional rules which you have to follow. Most subreddits have a couple of moderators, so the rules do not apply the same way to everybody. If you want to start your affiliate journey and you wonder if ready made Amazon affiliate websites are worth it then check out my recent article Ready made amazon affiliate website ( Worth it? ).

Warm up the account

The biggest problem with a lot of beginners is that once they made their account they will start promoting their website. In their eyes, it is simply promoting their website while others look at the same thing and say it is spam, both sides are correct. A lot of subreddits do not allow new users to make a post with a link, and this is normal, they do this in order to prevent spam. Some subreddits also need a level of Karma before you are allowed to post anything.

Warming up the account is fairly easy although it can take a long time. Some subreddits do not allow accounts younger than 3 months to post, in most cases all subreddits will have some restrictions if you want to post with a link. While you are warming up your account you should post without an URL and you should contribute the others posts with good info. The warming up process should take around 1-2 months, depending on what are the requirements for the actual subreddits where you want to promote your website.

If you do not want to wait a couple of months before you warm up your account then you can buy aged accounts and some sellers even offer accounts with a lot of Karma. Although this is against Reddit’s TOS and the account might get banned, but if you want to promote your website as soon as possible then there is simply no other viable alternative. Promoting your website on Reddit is a form of link building, for more information check out my recent article When to start building links? ( Top 6 Criteria ).

Follow the rules

I know that this is not something you want to hear, but if you want to get traffic from Reddit consistently than you have to follow the rules. Now I am not saying to read the TOS, that is just legal mumbo jumbo which is as vague as possible and this is by design. Instead what you should do is to read the rules of the subreddits where you want to post. Most of the subreddits have straight forward rules, don’t spam, don’t self promote too much, and so on.

Depending on the niche the rules are more or less strict, some subreddits do not even allow you to post a link, while others only allow images. Remember that these subreddits will generate a lot of traffic for you if you play by the rules, so it is a good idea to follow them. Reddit can be also used as a parasite website due to its high authority, for more information check out my recent article What is parasite SEO? ( Why is it so Popular? ).

Get Karma

Karma is a Reddit specific metric, which shows others how many upvotes for your posts and comments you have got in total. Every time you post or comment and somebody upvotes them than you will get one point of Karma. Generally speaking the more Karma you have the more trustworthy your account looks like. If you have a brand new account and you post on a subreddit than not a lot of people will upvote it if your account doesn’t have a lot of Karma, although this also depends on what you are posting and on which subreddit you are doing so.

The good news is that the Karma system can be extremely easily abused, some people buy accounts that already have a lot of Karma while others boost their Karma. Boosting your accounts Karma is extremely easy, just join a couple of image related subreddits and post something funny or hot. If you don’t know what to post on these subreddits than filter by Top this month or year and just repost something or crosspost from other subreddits.

Generally speaking, reposting is frowned upon by a lot of users, and some subreddits do not even allow it. The problem is that this is a problem that they created, a new user can simply not know everything which has already posted on a subreddit, so occasional reposts are normal.

Don’t spam

As a general rule, you should not spam any subreddit, as sooner or later you will either get banned, shadowbanned, or your website’s URL will be blacklisted. Although a lot of people think that if they link to one of their high-quality articles than that is not spam, for the most part, this is true but you have to keep in mind that mods will decide what is spam and what is not. A lot of subreddits have mods that have a monetary interest in the niche, and they will only post URLs form their websites or from websites that have paid them.

Some mods are part of a lot of subreddits, and the top 10 subreddits which have the most subscribers are moderated by just a handful of mods, so it is fairly safe to say that there are some conflicts of interest there. Make sure to read the rules and try to understand what subreddits actually consider spam.

Follow the self-promotion recommendations

Reddit has a recommended ratio for self promotion, generally speaking, you should only promote your website or a particular URL only in 10% of your posts, the others should be mostly posts without links or comments. With that being said there are some subreddits that alter this rule a bit, although in general if you follow this rule then your account should be safe from bans.

Post on relevant subreddits

Not all traffic is equal, even if you find a subreddit that allows you to promote your website without any restriction that doesn’t mean that the traffic is good for your website. If you get traffic from subreddits that are not relevant to your niche than people will bounce off your website fairly fast and this is an instant red flag in Google’s eyes. Do not try to trick Reddit users to click on a link, you will get banned in an instant.

What you should do is to join niche relevant subreddits, generally speaking, these will interact a lot more if you link to a high-quality article or website and they will stay a long time on your site if your posts are high quality which is a big plus in google’s eyes.

Don’t use affiliate links or URL shorteners

This is probably one of the main reasons why a lot of people get their accounts banned on Reddit. Affiliate links are a big no-no, on Reddit, everybody hates them, except the people who are making a profit out of them. There are certain exceptions although, for the most part, you should avoid posting affiliate links. This is the same for URL shorteners, most of them are used by spammers and scammers to hide the target URL and a lot of subreddits won’t even allow you to use them.

If you have an affiliate website then you can still use them, although you should not promote on Reddit the affiliate offer itself. Instead what you should do is to promote your own website or blog which contains the affiliate offer, generally speaking, this is the safest way to promote your website on any social media platform without getting banned.

Add value to the subreddit

Most people just post some random comments and the occasion self-promoting post, although if you want even more traffic from Reddit than you should add value to the subreddit. If you are considered to be a spammer in the subreddit than odds are that nobody is going to click your links. On the other hand, if you actually add some kind of value to the subreddits with your posts and comments than the chances of people checking out your website increase exponentially.

You can add value to a subreddit by simply answering people’s questions as in-depth as possible. If they want more information than you can link your website and there you go, you got traffic, Karma and you also added value to the subreddit.

Don’t boost your posts with upvotes

There are a couple of sellers which offer this kind of service, generally speaking, the more upvotes a post gets the higher it will be positioned in the subreddit. If the post goes viral than your post could end up on the first page of Reddit and at that point, you will get soo much traffic that your hosting servers will most likely crash. Mods know that how many upvotes a post gets in general, depending on the subreddit’s history.

The accounts which are used to boost the number of upvotes are most likely flagged as bots already, and the chances of you getting your account banned increase significantly. Instead, focus on promoting only your highest quality articles, and if you have done a good job then people will upvote them.

In conclusion

Reddit is probably one of the best places to get traffic, although if you do not follow the rules you might end up banned. Always use only one account, if you have multiple accounts then it will be fairly hard to hide this from Reddit itself and you might end up having all of them banned. Instead, focus on building up one account and this way you have no problems using Reddit for traffic for as long as you want.

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