How to get Backlinks organically? ( In 12 Easy Steps )

Backlinks are one of the best ways to increase your website’s authority and trust in google’s eyes. Oftentimes a couple of high-quality backlinks can make the difference between the first and second pages of google. The problem is that most bloggers tend to focus way too much on building backlinks, rather than focusing on getting backlinks organically. The truth is that almost any blog or website can get backlinks organically.

You can get backlinks organically by writing good content, writing informational posts, targeting low competition keywords, using data and stats, using images and videos, satisfying user intent, leveraging the smart by association, using infographics, engaging with the community, building up your brand, and by displaying the number of shares and likes on your posts.

Organic backlinks are made by the users of your website, who liked the content and linked back to your site. On the other hand, a lot of bloggers will also build organic backlinks to your site if you rank on a lot of low competition keywords, and with the help of these backlinks, you will rank even higher. The best thing about getting backlinks organically is that for the most part, they are niche relevant.

Niche relevant backlinks are extremely important, and you probably won’t be able to build these backlinks on your own. The main factor which determines how many backlinks you get organically is your content, if you have good content than more people will link to your website. On the other hand, if you write low-quality content than odds are that nobody is going to link back to you, mostly because they will never find your content.

There are some niches where getting backlinks organically will be almost impossible, usually, this is true for high competition niches. Most people do not make backlinks to their competitors, as this undermined their website’s own authority, which you should probably avoid. If you are wondering how long will it take to earn some money with your blog then check out my recent article How long does it take to make 500 per month blogging? ( The Truth ).

Write good content

The first step to get backlinks organically is to create good content, usually high-quality content tends to be linked back far more often than low-quality content. If your content plan is to write 100 articles each with 200-300 words than you most likely never get any backlinks organically, these short posts will never rank and they are considered thin content by google. Generally speaking the longer the content is the more people will link back to it.

The content also has to be engaging and specific to the keyword which you are targeting, way too many bloggers add a lot of fluff to their articles to increase the word count. Don’t do this as the attention span of the average user is extremely limited and if you do not give the info for which the user searched for than the user will bounce off and go to your competitor’s website. If you are wondering when you should publish your website then check out my recent article When should I publish my Website? ( Top 9 Step Checklist ).

Write informational posts

Informational posts are excellent for organic backlinks, the problem is that way too many bloggers only focus on affiliate related posts such as reviews. Trust me nobody is going to link back to your review post, there are thousands of these kinds of websites and the quality of them is extremely low. Informational posts tend to underperform review websites when it comes to monetization, but they tend to have a longer lifespan.

Your main goal as a blogger is to give value to the user if you achieve this then you will start getting organic backlinks and shares on social media. Social media backlinks are also considered organic backlinks, as long as you are not the one sharing your own website. If you need more information about building backlinks to your website then check out my recent article When to start building links? ( Top 6 Criteria ).

Write your own content

Writing your own content is extremely important, although way too many people jump on the outsourcing bandwagon. Outsourcing is a good idea but my personal recommendation is to write at least the first 50-100 posts yourself. If you do not know a lot about the niche than it is vital that you write your own content. While you are writing your content you will learn a lot about your niche and this will be extremely valuable in the long run.

On the other hand, if you make a brand new website and you do not know anything about the niche, yet you outsource the content then how will you know if the information is accurate? Outsourced content can be spotted in a couple of seconds, most of them are written fairly badly, and if the content doesn’t make any sense than your website will not get any organic backlinks.

Target low competition keywords

Most bloggers tend to go after the most competitive keywords in their niche, generally speaking, the more competition there is the more money there is to be made. The truth is that you should start your blog with low competition keywords, the more low competition articles you write the faster these will rank. Once you start ranking for low competition keywords you will notice that you will slowly start getting organic backlinks.

The problem with low competition keywords is that they do not bring a lot of traffic to your website, but you should consider these low competition keywords as the foundation of your website. If you target only high competition keywords than the chances of getting organic backlinks are fairly low as it will take you a long time to rank for competitive keywords.

Use data and stats

Data and stats posts tend to get a lot more organic backlinks than the average blog post. A lot of people who are searching for something specific tend to respond a lot better if there is some kind of data or stats included in the posts. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money into financing some kind of research, all you have to do is to include some statistics about the keyword which you are targeting.

Let’s say for example you have a real estate website, you could add statistics about the crime rate, and other statistics, just make sure to add the “according to” part in the data or statistic. You should also link back to the website from where you got the data, as this is relevant information for the user.

Use images and video

An image says a lot more than a thousand words, and this is true for any niche which you are targeting. The problem is that most bloggers know that having images in the articles is important yet a wast majority of them use unrelated images. The images in your post have to be relevant to the keyword which you are targeting, their quality has to be fairly high but you can use pictures which you made as it helps with credibility.

If you have an Amazon review website then you most likely used the same images in your posts as everybody else. But if you actually have the product than make a picture of it while holding it in your hands, and you will see that the conversions will actually increase. Images and embedded videos increase the time on page and these posts will also get more organic backlinks. Just keep in mind that the more images and video embeds your post has the slower it will load, you can fix this by using a plugin which lazy loads them.

Satisfy user intent

Google is extremely smart nowadays and it has a lot of information about every person who is using chrome and google search. When you target a specific keyword you must think about what the intent of the user actually is. If you have an affiliate website and a user goes to a review post than odds are that he has a buying intent and wants to know as much information as possible about the product.

In this case, it is a good idea to compare one product to another, most affiliate websites use this method because it works and the conversions tends to be fairly high. If your website mostly contains informational posts than you have to write in-depth articles, even if it is a yes or no answer you still have to explain to the user why the answer for their question is yes or no.

Smart by association

This is a psychological trick, people want to be associated with brands and things that reflect their own values or ideals. You can use this to your advantage, simply put people like to brag and show off. If you use social media you have probably seen posts with somebody making an IQ test and bragging how smart they are, these tests will inflate the IQ number because the website or app owners know that if the number is high than it is more likely to get shared or linked back.

Now you do not have to make up some kind of test if you are writing informational posts than write a lot of “how-to” articles. If possible add a couple of strange facts to post about the subject, although try to be honest and not make up stuff, as people can see right through that.

Use infographics

A couple of years ago when infographics were a fairly new trend they were getting a lot of organic backlinks. Today however it is a different story, most people do not have these infographics optimized in any way and they tend to load extremely slow. In addition to this, there are several websites which you can use to make infographics for free. Adding an infographic to your website won’t hurt but usually, people will just copy the image and post it either on their social media or on their website without giving you any credit, so make sure to watermark your infographics.

Engage with the community

Every niche has a community, some are small and some are large. You can find these communities on forums, social media, and on websites like Reddit. As a blogger, you should join a couple of these websites, and engage with the audience. This will give you an inside look of the niche and you will be able to come up with some extremely low competition keywords to target. In addition to this, you can also link your website to these communities.

If you give valuable information to the users than they will link back to you, and odds are that there will be a couple of people in these communities which do own blogs or social media groups for that specific niche, and this will give you the opportunity to get traffic and organic backlinks as well.

Building up your brand

Branding is an extremely powerful way to get yourself noticed, although it will take you some time to build your brand but the results can be spectacular. This is why you see a lot of blogs that have the domain name of the author, they are building their brand. You can see this in a lot of niches and industries, oftentimes people will comment that X from Y said that this works or not, you get the point.

If you have a website with a domain that has review plus product in the domain then it will be extremely hard to build your brand. This is because it looks extremely spammy, and google rarely ranks these websites anymore, it’s not 2012 after all.

Display the number of shares and likes

This is another psychological trick, people tend to share and build links to posts that have already been shared by other people. The first couple of shares will be the hardest ones to get, but don’t worry if you make good content and give an easy option for the users to share your content then they will. Although you might be tempted, do not under any circumstances buy shares and likes, as these come from bots and they will do more harm than good.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a couple of steps which you can do in order to get organic backlinks. By far the most important one is your content, the more in-depth your articles are the more likely they will be linked back, so focus on content before anything else.

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