How to buy high quality PBN links? ( Top 12 Ways )

If you have already decided that you want to use PBN backlinks than you have to know what to look for in a PBN backlink. You will find literally hundreds if not thousands of offers selling PBN backlinks so it will be fairly difficult to know which one to pick. First of all, you have to set a goal for yourself, PBN backlinks will not rank your website overnight, I know a lot of sellers will say that it does but that is far from the truth.

To buy high-quality PBN links you should avoid PBN’s with weird names, make sure the seller offers a report, use a test website, watch out for fake DA, PA, and TF, check if the PBN’s are indexed, check the quality of the articles, read through the sales thread if they are permanent homepage links, check if it is a monthly subscription, make sure that the PBN’s are niche relevant, check if the PBN’s are fake, take a look at the price and the number of reviews they have.

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PBN backlinks come with a massive drawback, they can simply ruin your site if you get them from a place which is already identified by google as a private domain network which has the only goal of selling as many links as possible. Generally speaking, if it sounds too good then it probably is and there is no point in risking your money site for some cheap PBN links. On the other hand, if you manage to get a couple of good PBN backlinks than you will see results in a couple of weeks.

PBN backlinks should be a part of your SEO and generally speaking, you shouldn’t rely on only PBN backlinks. If you have a low-quality website than the quality of the PBN’s doesn’t even matter, they will never be able to rank your website. This is why a lot of people complain that after buying PBN backlinks they rank for some keywords and then disappear from the first page. This is because Google also relies on user testing to determine a website’s ranking.

If you managed to rank your website on the first position for a couple of days and then it drops off from the first page then this could mean two things, it is either google dance or the users on your website do not engage with your website and bounce off extremely fast. Now don’t worry about bounce rate as even successful websites have a high bounce rate around 80%, but you should focus on writing high-quality content. If you want to know the pros and cons of using PBN links then check out my recent article Should I buy PBN links? ( Top 15 Pros & Cons ).

PBN’s with weird names

No matter where you go looking for PBN backlinks you will notice a lot of link packages which are named weird like, Taylor Swift PBN, Snoop Dog PBN’s, and so on. You have to stay as far away from these as possible, these are targeting beginners who do not know a lot about PBN’s. This is similar to the Nigerian prince emails, full of grammatical errors and a weird name or title, they do this so only the most gullible people click on them.

PBN links report

Some sellers do not actually send any report upon completing your order, they say that they do this in order to protect their PBN but it is kind of hard to know if they have actually added your links to the PBN’s.  You will see this on several seo forums and if the seller is reputable than all the beginners will jump on it and then wonder why the PBN’s arent ranking their websites. Some sellers will say that some PBN links will not be included, this is also just a marketing tactic, as everybody sees what it wants, and I see BS.

No matter where you buy your PBN backlinks from just make sure that you will get a detailed report, this way you can analyze the PBN backlinks. One of the ways to rank your website faster is by using PBN backlinks although you can do a lot more things to increase your rankings, for more information check out my recent article How to rank a new blog faster? ( In 9 Easy Steps ).

Test website

Most people who buy PBN backlinks just use their money site, the problem is that PBN backlinks can be extremely harmful if they are low quality. Older bloggers and webmasters who are doing SEO for a couple of years already have a dummy or a test website. Usually, this is a general website targeting different topics, and they use this website to test out the PBN’s. Oftentimes the PBN’s will be different from what it is being advertised, and this way you can check their quality.

Fake DA, PA, TF

If you have the report of the PBN links then you should check each of them with Ahrefs, if you don’t have a subscription then you can use services that sell Ahrefs reports, these are generally fairly cheap. The first thing which you will look at is the UR, DR and the number of backlinks, these are fairly irrelevant as it is extremely easy to manipulate. What you should look at is the organic traffic and organic keywords.

If the DA and PA of the PBN are at 30-50 and the organic keywords are only in the hundreds or even less than it is safe to say that the DA and PA have been artificially inflated and the PBN is worthless. Generally speaking, it is better to have a lower DA, PA, and a lot of organic keywords and traffic, this shows you that google thinks the website is real and most importantly that it is a quality website.

Check if the PBN’s are indexed

If you got the report with the PBN links then you have to check if they are indexed, not only the posts which are linking back to your website but the domain as well. The problem is that a lot of sellers use domains with high metrics that are actually deindexed, and they want to make as much money out of them before their metrics dropdown. If the PBN domains are not indexed than contact the seller to change and to remove the backlink, the last thing you want is a backlink from a deindexed PBN.

On the other hand, you should also check if the post on which your backlink is indexed. If the PBN is high quality than the post should be indexed fairly quickly, if it is low quality then it will be extremely difficult to index. If it is not indexed then you have to contact the seller, to index it, because it is worthless to you if the PBN post is not indexed.

Quality of the articles

One telltale sign of the quality of private blog networks is the quality of the articles which they are using. You can spot this in the sales thread as well if they say that they will use spinned or scraped content than the entire PBN is filled with low-quality articles, and you should stay away from such PBN’s. If the seller claims that he will write a custom article for the PBN where he places your link then after the report you should check it to make sure it is high quality.

Some sellers ask you to write the article, this is a good sign, as who knows more about your niche than you do. Although very few sellers will ask you to make a unique and in-depth article, so what tends to happen is that a lot of people will just copy and paste a couple of paragraphs from their money site, and this will hit the PBN with duplicate content penalty and you don’t want to be linked to a penalized website.

Homepage PBN backlinks

There are some sellers who do sell homepage PBN backlinks, usually homepage backlinks are extremely powerful, and if the website is high quality then you will definitely notice a big jump in your website rankings. You have to read carefully the sales thread, as far too often you will notice that the homepage links are temporary links. What sellers tend to do is to post around 5-10 of these homepage links on their website.

Once a new order comes in they will remove one of the homepage backlinks, and this will give you no value. On the other hand, if the seller is claiming that these are permanent PBN backlinks than ask them what the number of outbound links is. If the OBL is around 5-10 than it is good, anything above that will split the link juice of the PBN and you might not even notice any results. If you want to know more about low OBL backlinks than check out my recent article What are low OBL links? ( Where to get them? ).

Monthly subscription

Some sellers will charge a monthly fee for a backlink from their PBN’s, generally speaking, these PBN’s tend to be of higher quality as they are not spammed to death with unrelated posts. These monthly fees can add up fairly quickly, and if you are not seeing any results in 2-3 months then you should probably ditch them. There are not a lot of PBN services that do offer this kind of subscription service so you will have to search around for a bit.

Niche relevant PBN’s

Most PBN websites are simple generalist websites, having content from all kinds of topics. This is not a good sign, as relevancy plays a big role in ranking on google and a general website is not niche relevant. Most sellers use general websites because this way they can sell as many links as possible, and this is bad news for you. Generally speaking, there are a few sellers who sell niche relevant PBN links, and these tend to be fairly expensive.

Fake PBN’s

There are a lot of fake PBN’s especially in marketplaces where the seller doesn’t need any credentials to be able to sell. This is why you will see link packages named as Web 2.0 PBN links, and so on, and these are not PBN links, there are simple web 2.0 properties. There is a lot of money to be made by selling PBN backlinks and it seems that everybody is selling them, even people who do not know what a PBN actually is.


The price of the PBN links will let you know how spammed they are, generally speaking, if you will buy PBN links from a forum than the price will be significantly higher than if you buy from a marketplace. If 10 PBN links cost $10 then odds are that these PBN’s are spammed to death and the higher their price will be the less spammed they are. Although keep in mind that some sellers will set a fairly higher price for the PBN’s just to artificially inflate the perceived value of the link package.


No matter from where you buy the PBN backlinks from a forum or from an SEO marketplace you should always take the reviews with a grain of salt. The problem with reviews is that a lot of people do not actually know what they are buying. Some sellers are extremely sneaky in how they get the reviews, they will often say to the buyer to leave positive feedback for some bonus, either another PBN link or something similar.

If you are buying from a forum then take a look at the reputation of the buyers, if most of the buyers are new to the forum than something is fishy. On the other hand, if a large chunk of buyers are established members of the forum then that is a good sign. You should also look for repeat buyers, generally speaking, this is one of the best ways to determine if the seller is delivering what they are advertising.

In conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of things for which you have to look out when buying PBN backlinks. Generally speaking, most of the PBN’s are fairly low quality, but once you find a reputable seller that actually delivers high-quality PBN links then you will definitely notice a significant increase in your websites rankings.

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