How long before google reindexes my site? ( The Honest Truth )

Having your website completely deindexed by google is the worst-case scenario, although if you have been a blogger for a fairly long time than it probably happened to you as well. Generally speaking, you have to do some extremely blackhat stuff to get your website completely deindexed, however, it is not always your fault if you get your website deindexed. Sometimes plugins can break and they can be the cause for the deindexation, this happened with one of the most popular SEO plugins, not once but twice.

How long will it take Google to reindex your website depends on why it was deindexed in the first place if your website has been hacked then it will take 1-2 weeks, too many backlinks it might never be reindexed, thin content 1-2 months, duplicate content will never be reindexed, manual actions it might never be reindexed, 301 redirect could come with some penalties and might get the new domain deindexed as well if your website has been deindexed due to a google update than it can take anywhere between a couple of weeks to months to get your website reindexed.

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The good news is that the deindexation eventually expires, although it can take a long time, and even if you have been reindexed by Google, your site may still be under some kind of penalty. Sometimes you have to know when to quit and working on a deindexed website is rather pointless, you have no idea when it will be reindexed, and if you have not fixed the issues which caused your website to be deindexed than you might get your website deindexed again.

There are some special services which handle deindexing problems, the problem with these is that they are extremely expensive and they do not even guarantee that your website will be reindexed. If you know that you didn’t do anything against google TOS, and you still got deindexed than you have to take a look at your plugins to see if any of them have created some kind of back door that caused your site to be hacked.

This can often happen if you use hacked or nulled plugins and themes, sooner or later they will come and bite you. If you don’t have a backup for your site then you will have to hire a professional programmer, hopefully, he can identify all the vulnerabilities and remove them. Sometimes SEO plugins can be the cause of deindexation for more information check out my recent article Should I use an SEO plugin?.

Hacked website

One of the reasons why your website has been deindexed is because it was hacked, not due to the actual hack itself but because the hacker has injected malicious code into your website and oftentimes they will also link back from your site to some dodgy website. Having a website hacked is not that common, usually, there are some vulnerabilities to which you expose yourself by either installing hacked or nulled themes or plugins.

If your website has been hacked and deindexed than you have to clean up your website, remove all dodgy links and malicious codes. After you are sure that your website is clean then you can resubmit your website to the google search console. Your website will be reindexed in one or two weeks, although you have to keep an eye on it and make sure to use a security plugin to avoid any further problems.

Too many backlinks

Having backlinks does not mean your website will be deindexed, you can get away with a lot of backlinks without any problems. The issues come when you make a lot of junk and low-quality backlinks, this is usually used for churn and burn, and if you want a website that will generate you passive income in the future than you have to avoid this at all costs. Sometimes you can rank extremely fast with a lot of backlinks, only to wake up in one morning and see that all your traffic is gone and your website has been deindexed.

If you are sure that your website has been de-indexed due to too many backlinks than it is time to move on, you cant even reuse the content from the website. The deindexing will expire in around 2 years, but it will never regain its original rank and your site will be constantly jumping all over the place. If you want to know how harmful too many backlinks can then check out my recent article Can you have too many Backlinks? ( Top 10 Negative Effects ).

Thin content

Sometimes your website can be either deindexed or never indexed due to thin content. Thin content means that your article is way too short, and oftentimes it isn’t even completely unique. Most of the time google knows that these pages on your website exist but they will simply refuse to index them. Google loves in-depth content, and if the first page results for a given keyword have all-around 1000 word articles then you will never rank with a 200-300 word article.

The good news is that you can reindex your website eventually, the bad news is that you have to clean up your website and either add more content to these short posts or remove them completely. Once you have added more content you will have to submit each of the posts to the google search console, sometimes they get indexed instantly, but oftentimes it will take some time until google notices that you fixed your problem.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is when you take somebody else’s articles copy them and put them on your website, sometimes even a couple of paragraphs can also trigger a deindexation. Google will not always deindex the entire site, sometimes it simply deindexes the posts which have duplicate content. This can oftentimes happen if you outsource your articles, especially if you do not check them for plagiarism.

On the other hand, there are some softwares that make spinned content, this content is barely readable and google is smart enough to slap these with a duplicate content penalty or a complete deindexation. If you copy the content of an entire website then you will get deindexed sooner or later, and your website will never be reindexed.

Manual actions

Manual actions occur when an actual person from google comes and takes a look at your website, you might get some warning in the search console but they hardly give any info why this has happened. If the deindexing happened due to a manual action then you will have an extremely hard time figuring out what causes the actual deindexing. On the other hand, if you know that you have ranked your website with blackhat backlinks or you are using blackhat methods to monetize your website then it is time to move on.

You can resubmit your website to be reconsidered by Google, but this doesn’t guarantee that you will be reindexed, and I really doubt google even bothers with rechecking them. Basically, if you have been deindexed due to a manual action then the chances of getting your website reindexed are slim to none.

301 redirect

Oftentimes webmasters who got their website deindexed will take the content from the deindexed website and post it on a brand new domain, and redirect the deindexed domain to the new one. Do not do this, why would you want the deindexed website to redirect o your new domain, it will only pass the penalties to the new website especially if it has the same content. If you only reuse the content from the deindexed website than in some cases you might get away with it.

Although only if the deindexing has not been caused due to the content. If the content and how you monetize your website is the reason why you have been deindexed than you have to clean up your content and think of other ways of monetizing it.

Google updates

Google is always evolving, rank brain is extremely powerful and it is here to stay. In the past couple of years, Google has started updating more and more frequently, some of them were good updates, and some of them not so much. The problem with Google updates is that they can do a lot of harm instantly, making your website drop off the SERP completely, and if the update included some bugs which they often do and this is why your website got deindexed than you have to wait until the next update and hope your website will be reindexed.

Google updates tend to have a couple of bugs, and it seems that these are getting worse with every update. A couple of years ago if you were not doing anything against google’s TOS than you didn’t have to worry about updates, today however you can be slapped no matter what you do, this is why some bloggers are going back to black hat, if their website will be slapped they might as well know the reason for it.

The good news is that getting your website deindexed by a google update is fairly rare, and most of the time it is just a coincidence and you have probably been deindexed due to some flaw on your website which google only picked up with the new update.

In conclusion

As you can see there is not a definite time until google reindexes your website, it mostly depends on why your website has been deindexed in the first place. If you have got your website deindexed than you should find out why it has been deindexed, sometimes you have to move on and abandon the website.

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