How hard is it to make money with a blog? ( The Truth )

Making a blog is extremely easy, anybody can slap together a blog in less than an hour. If you are a beginner then you will struggle with your first blog, but trust me as soon as you have some experience making blogs it will take you no time building a blog. A lot of people think that the hardest part is making the blog, as there are several technical things which you have to keep in mind, but the truth is that the hard part comes after you have built your blog.

Making money with a blog is fairly difficult as there are several things that impact the earning potential like traffic, traffic source, taking blogging seriously,  content, competition, monetization method, and if your blog is in the YMYL category.

Generally speaking, the hardest part of blogging is writing the content, if you do not have the time to write a lot of content than my personal recommendation is to start outsourcing the writing to professionals Click here to check it out

The biggest difference between a blog that is making money and one that is not making money is the traffic. I see a lot of people online who simply have no clue what to do after they have made or bought a blog. Most people will just sit on the blog and hope that by some kind of miracle they will start getting traffic. The 1% of your work will go towards building the blog and the rest of your time will be driving traffic.

By driving traffic I mean, either promoting your blog on social media and by writing a lot of articles. A lot of beginners are lead to believe that the hardest part is making a blog and the easiest part is driving traffic. There are hundreds of tutorials on how to drive traffic to your blog on YouTube, most of them are useless. The problem is that most people who teach on YouTube do not have any experience and they will regurgitate everything they hear from other YouTubers without even testing.

There are some niches where you do not need a lot of traffic to make a full-time income, the problem with these niches is that they are extremely competitive. Ranking in high competition niches is hard not only for beginners but for experienced bloggers as well. Although with that being said it can still be done, with a lot of hard work and some luck. If you are wondering if you are wasting your time with blogging than check out my recent article Is blogging a waste of time? ( Top 8 Reality Checks ).


The only blogs which do make any kind of money are the ones that are getting traffic, no traffic no money. There are some ways to monetize a blog without any traffic but for the most part, you will not be able to make any money in the conventional ways, by that I mean with affiliate offers and display ads. Generally speaking the more traffic your website has the more money it will earn, in addition to this from which country the traffic is coming from is also important.

The best kind of traffic is organic traffic coming from the US, especially if you use display ads, your earning potential from other regions will be a lot lower. US traffic tends to have higher buying potential, and most ad brokers and mediation platforms only accept websites that have US traffic. With that being said getting traffic to a brand new blog is difficult if you want to get organic traffic than you shouldn’t get your hopes up for the first year. The best source of traffic is organic traffic from google, if you want to know how to rank your new blog then check out my recent article How to rank a new blog faster? ( In 9 Easy Steps ).

Traffic source

Where the traffic is actually coming from will determine how much money you will make. Most beginners are lead to believe that they can simply buy traffic for $5 and then wonder why they are not getting any affiliate sales and in the worst case they also get their account banned. You have to promote your content on social media or rank your content on Google and trust me both of them are hard work.

Depending on how you want to monetize your blog will determine what kind of traffic you can use, a lot of premium ad networks do not accept social traffic. If you are thinking of buying traffic, then don’t do it, most services selling social media traffic are actually selling bot traffic masked as social media traffic, and you will do more harm then good to your site.

Take blogging seriously

Blogging is a lot of work, although you can also do it as a hobby but if your main goal is to make money from your blog then you have to treat it as a job. You should set aside a couple of hours every day to work on your blog, and by work, I don’t mean making your logo but writing content and promoting your blog on social media. A lot of people tend to work on their blog only when they feel like it, odds are that these people will never make any significant amount of money from their blog.

Some people are sitting on gold mines with their blogs and they don’t even know it, especially if they have a fairly old blog, with just a couple of tweaks they could earn a lot of money. If you have been blogging on and off for a couple of years and not seeing any results then take the next 3 months and write content, and you will see some significant results in no time.


Some say that the keywords, backlinks, and how you are promoting your website are the most important factor for getting traffic and making some money. In my experience this is not true, your users come for the articles which you have written, and you have to write engaging content to keep your users on your website for as long as possible. The more time a user spends on your website the more ads they will see and the higher your earnings will be.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people find it hard to make any money with their blog is because they do not have enough content to get organic traffic. You have probably heard the phrase passive income thrown around in the blogging industry, passive income is possible but only after you have put in a lot of work. Passive income without hard work is not possible, there is no magic trick, you have to write as many articles as possible and after 8-12 months you will start earning a passive income.


How hard will it be to make money from your blog will also depend on the niche which you are targeting. Far too often beginners jump on niches which have a high earning potential, like finance, health, and fitness. These niches have a massive earning potential but most of these niches are dominated by a couple of high authority websites that are more than 10 years old. Targeting sub-niches of higher competition niches is a good thing but it will still be fairly hard to make any significant amount of money with your blog.

You have probably heard from a lot of people that you have to target buyer intent keywords, and write reviews for products if you want to make money. This approach can make a lot of money but as a beginner, you will have a hard time ranking for any of these types of keywords. In addition to this, these kinds of keywords tend to have a lot lower traffic than informational posts, so your best hope should be to write a mix of reviews and informational posts as well.

Monetization method

How you monetize your blog will also determine how hard will it be to make some serious money from your blog. The most common ways to monetize a blog are affiliate products and display ads, some people focus on only one of them and some will use both monetization methods. Generally speaking, you do not need a lot of traffic to make money with affiliate products, but this also depends on the affiliate product and the niche which you are targeting.

The competition in the niches where you can easily promote affiliate products is fairly high, although there are plenty of low competition niches so do not go with generic affiliate products. On the other hand, if you want to monetize your website with display ads than you need a lot of traffic. To get accepted by Adsense you do not need any kind of traffic, but Adsense tends to pay pennies, I mean that you will be earning around 1-3$ per 1000 visitors, which is better than nothing but not much.

The good news is that there are a lot of premium ad mediation platforms, these tend to use Adsense in addition to other ad platforms and combine the ads. These premium ad platforms pay a lot more money than Adsense, around 5-10 times more. The problem is that you will need a lot of organic traffic to get into these premium mediation networks. If you want to know how to pick a good affiliate offer then check out my recent article How to pick a good affiliate program? ( In 14 Steps ).

YMYL niches

YMYL stands for your money or your life, this mostly referees to financial and health-related niches, although most niches will have this implemented in their algorithm as well. There are a lot of ways on how you can monetize a YMYL blog, but the problem is that unless you are a certified financial advisor or an actual doctor than google will not rank your website. Now I am not saying that your blog won’t get any traffic if you are in a YMYL niche but it will take a long time for Google to trust you.

YMYL niches can make a lot of money, but this is mostly the case for people who have established them as financial advisors and doctors, and they also have a lot of credentials backing up their credentials. Even if you are a doctor, but you do not have any online credentials than it will be extremely difficult to rank your blog in the YMYl niche.

In conclusion

As you can see making money with a blog is not that easy, it takes a lot of work and dedication to be a successful blogger. Some people simply do not take the time to write enough content and then wonder why they are not getting any traffic, treat blogging seriously and you will reap the rewards later.

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