Does auto blogging still work? ( The Truth )

A couple of years ago auto bogs were extremely popular, and a lot of people were actually making serious money from them. Even today if you visit Flippa for example you will see hundreds of listings with auto blog websites, and all sellers claiming that you can make money on autopilot. There are even today some people that make a full time living with auto blogs, but the earnings are going down every year.

Auto blogging does not work, or at least not as they used to. The main reason why they do not work is due to duplicate content, spinned content, bad user metrics, no organic traffic, risk of deindexing, manual reviews, and limited monetization options. With that being said there are still a lot of auto blogs out there, and some actually make a nice income, although if you are a beginner then you should stay away from auto blogging, too much work for little reward.

Around a decade ago the google algorithm was not that smart, you could literally copy and paste paragraphs from several websites and publish it, as long as you didn’t copy the entire article from one website it was still considered unique content by google. A couple of years later when Google caught on to this practice they made significant changes to the algorithm, and most auto blogs simply got abandoned.

It only took a couple of months until people figured out how to beat the algo again, this time instead of scraping content they would also spin the content with some kind of software. Spinned content is a simple software that changes the words of an entire article, and thus making it unique in google’s eyes. If you have been browsing the internet around 8 years ago then you have probably stumbled upon some of these auto blogs.

The dead giveaway of these auto blogs which were using spinned content was that the text didn’t make any sense. Now you might scratch your head and think how on earth would these blogs ever make any money. The answer is fairly simple, the content was just a means to rank on google and the user was searching for something specific like a software or some other kind of digital product, and most users who landed on these auto blogs never read the content, they would instantly hit the download button.

Although you might think that auto blogging is dead, which is true for the most part but with some creativity you can still earn a lot of money from them. In the internet marketing world, you will often hear one or more methods are not working anymore, just like with every google update people are saying that SEO is dead, so take it with a grain of salt and test it out yourself. If you want to know other types of blogs that can make some serious money then check out my recent article Types of blogs that make money ( Top 18 Types ).

Duplicate content

One of the main reasons why auto blogging doesn’t work as it used to is because of the duplicate content penalty. A lot of people will say that this is a myth, and if you have been a blogger for a couple of years you probably still don’t know if it actually exists or not. The duplicate content penalty is real, although it is applied differently for each website. Large websites that have high authority can get away with duplicate content, as long as the majority of their content is unique.

On the other hand, if you make a brand new auto blog and all your content is spinned and scraped content than your blog will definitely be penalized. Even mid-sized websites can be penalized if they use too much copied content. The duplicate content penalty can be applied per post or sitewide, if it is applied sitewide than you can ditch the blog as it will never recover. Parasite SEO is a lot better than trying to rank with an auto blog, for more information check out my recent article What is parasite SEO? ( Why is it so Popular? ).

Spinned content

Auto blogging software tend to use spinned content, some have this feature built into them while others are using 3 rd party software to spin the text. A couple of years ago spinned text did work fairly well, and you even could rank on google with it, today however it is extremely easy for Google to identify spinned content and they will penalize your blog instantly. In some niches, you can get away with spinned content but the number of these niches are going down every year.

Bad user metrics

Google’s RankBrain AI is using user metrics to determine a blog’s ranking, and it is probably one of the most important ranking factors. If your blog has high-quality articles but most of the organic visitors bounce off your page then this means that you are not providing the visitors with the information for which they came to your blog. On the other hand, if you have an extremely low-quality blog post but the users do not bounce off your website and they actually engage with your website then you will rank.

Just keep in mind that even if you write a low-quality article, it is still better than a scraped or copied article in google’s eyes. There are a lot of low competition niches where you can actually see auto blogs dominating, although being the most popular kid in an empty parking lot doesn’t mean too much.

No organic traffic

Generally speaking, most auto blogs do not get any organic traffic, the content is easily identified as scraped or copied and google will instantly penalize it. A couple of years ago people who were using auto bloggers ranked also on google, although today things are different, and ranking on google with an auto blog is fairly difficult. With that being said there are some niches and ways which you can use to rank an auto blog even today, but that is a story for another time.

If you have ever checked out some of the auto blogs being sold than you have probably noticed that most of them have traffic. The sellers usually say that the traffic is either direct or social traffic, the truth is that it isn’t either of them. Basically, they send bot traffic to the auto blogs and mask it as social media traffic, and they do this because an auto blog with traffic is a lot easier to sell than one without traffic. Even if you do not rank on Google, you can still rank on other search engines, for more information check out my recent article How to rank on DuckDuckGo ( In 10 Easy Steps ).

Risk of deindexing

Most auto blogs tend to get deindexed sooner or later, and this means that the blog will no longer be shown on google, thus no traffic from google. On the other hand, if you do not rely on google organic traffic than this won’t be an issue. In some cases, Google will notify the user trying to visit the auto blog that it is not a safe website, and this is not because the website has been deindexed but due to how the auto blog is actually monetized.

Manual review

Some people who use auto blogs for a long time already know how to pas through the cracks, although even if they managed to avoid the numerous penalties which auto blogs are at risk of getting they can still be manually reviewed. Generally speaking, most manual reviews tend to happen if some of the users have reported the auto blog, and if the blog itself has strange metrics. Either way, the results are usually a manual penalty which is basically having the entire blog deindexed.

This, of course, depends on the niche as well which you are targeting, if you have a somewhat successful auto blog then your biggest enemy are other people who are using auto blogs as well. They know that your auto blog is just one step away from getting deindexed and they will use that report function.

Limited monetization options

Generally speaking, most auto blogs will not be able to use Adsense, Ezoic, Medium, and other reputable ad publishers. The main reason for this is because it is against their terms of service, although some auto blogs tend to get through the cracks. Some people make a couple of high-quality posts to get accepted by Adsense and they start publishing content with auto blogs thinking that they can earn this way, the truth is that sooner or later these ad partners will crawl your website and ban your account if they determine that you are using an auto blogging software.

In conclusion

As you can see auto blogging is past its prime, they are an old method and for the most part, they do not generate any money. Now I am not saying that auto blogging is dead, far from it but there are a lot of things which you have to consider if you want to make an auto blog, and it is not as easy or passive as some might claim so.

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