AdSense alternatives for low traffic ( Top 10 Alternatives )

There is big money to be made with display ads and as a beginner, your first option will be Adsense, although Adsense doesn’t pay that well, but in order to get accepted by the premium ad mediation networks, you will need your website to be approved by Adsense. Most sites that apply to Adsense do not get accepted, as Adsense is extremely strict over the years, and it is getting extremely difficult to get approved by them.

Once you get some decent amount of traffic then you should apply to Ezoic, this is an ad mediation network which will increase your earnings and yes it is a lot better than Adsense Click here to check it out

If you are looking for an Adsense alternative just because your website has little to no traffic then you should know that getting approved by AdSense doesn’t require any traffic. A lot of people will tell you that you need traffic to get approved by Adsense, this is completely false. All you need to get approved by AdSense is high-quality articles, the more the better. If you have been rejected by Adsense then they didn’t reject you based on your traffic.

When it comes to display ads you do not have a lot of alternatives, and you will have to make sure that you pick a reputable display ad network. There are a lot of dodgy display ad networks that fill your entire website with ads and sometimes they also use malware or adware, so you should avoid these at all costs. You should have realistic expectations especially if you have little to no traffic, as no matter which AdSense alternative you pick you will have fairly low earnings.

If you have little to no traffic than in my honest opinion there is no reason why you should use display ads. On the other hand, if every penny is important then you should use the following Adsense alternatives. No matter which of these alternatives you choose, make sure that the user experience is good and there are not too many ads showing on your posts. If you want to know how you can monetize your blog even if you don’t have any traffic then check out my recent article How to monetize a blog without traffic? ( Top 9 Ways ). is the direct competitor of Adsense, Google has Adsense while Bing and Yahoo have The earning potential with is fairly similar to Adsense, and the ads are extremely easy to set up. Generally speaking, most ads are text ads, now you might think that these do not look the best but the truth is that they tend to have a fairly high click-through rate, in some cases it is even better than image-based display ads.

There are a lot of big websites using, some of them use both in combination with Adsense while others only stick with one of them. If you have a lot of informational posts than is probably the best Adsense alternative for you, as your users will see ads related to your niche and your article. Most webmasters who get rejected by Adsense tend to use, although in some cases it can be even more difficult to get approved by than by Adsense.


Infolinks is another extremely good alternative to Adsense, and it is fairly similar to You can use different types of ads with Infolinks like standard banner ads, in-article ads, text ads, and even inframe ads. Infolinks is mostly known for its intext ads, these ads appear as outbound links to the user, once the user hovers its mouse pointer over one of these intext ads he will be shown an ad, and if he clicks on the link then he will go to an ad.

Infolinks will scrape your entire article to see for which keywords to use the intext ads, in some cases, you will have a couple of these intext ads while in other cases you could end up with dozens of these intext ads which isn’t the best for the user experience. Another feature that I like about Infolinks is their inFrame ads, these ads work only on desktop devices and they will be shown in the empty spaces of your website, usually on the right and the left sidebar. If you have low traffic then you can also use affiliate programs to monetize your blog, for more information check out my recent article How to pick a good affiliate program? ( In 14 Steps ).


Buysellads is an ad network with a twist, instead of ad brokers paying you a commotion for the ads, the advertisers will pay you directly. Once you will get approved by the platform you will insert some code into your website, which will make ad placements that can be rented out. The best part about this that even if your visitors come to your website and want to advertise on your website they can do it with a couple of clicks.

Basically, advertisers will come from the Buysellads platform and even your website visitors will be able to buy ad placements.  You can monetize these ad placements in two ways, cost per click and cost per impression, if you have little to no traffic then you should use cost per click ads, as every click will count in your case. If you want an additional income stream than you should check out my recent article How to resell SEO services for a profit? ( In 8 Easy Steps ).


RevenueHits is much more than a simple display ad platform it also has CPA, CPM, text ads, and even pop-ups. Although if you value your users you should probably stay away from the popup functionality as it is an extremely bad user experience. On the other hand, RevenueHits can be a good alternative to AdSense, although this depends on the niche which you are targeting. As with all AdSense alternatives the more traffic you have the better it is.

If you have little to no traffic then you should use their display ads for the beginning, once you get some traffic you should definitely try out their CPA and CPM, as in a lot of verticals you could make a lot more money than with display ads. The best part about RevenueHits is that you do not need any traffic to get accepted, so you should test them out.


PropellerAds is actually a partner of RevenueHits, so if you are using RevenueHits you are most likely having some ads from PropellerAds on your website as well. In certain niches, PropellerAds can easily outperform Adsense, but this comes with a fairly high cost which is bad user experience. PropellerAds mainly uses two types of ads, interstitial ads, and popunder ads, interstitial ads are the ones that cover the entire screen and the user has to close it.

Popunder ads are ads that are shown once a user interacts with your website, both interstitial and pop-under ads can be fairly annoying for the users but this doesn’t mean that they do not have a massive earnings potential. PropellerAds is a good AdSense alternative although it doesn’t fit well with all niches, so if you have an informational website then don’t use them, but if you have a tabloid or a news-related website than give them a try.


Bidvertiser is probably one of the oldest ad networks, around a decade ago it was actually competing with Adsense in some verticals. Getting accepted by Bidvertiser is fairly easy as long as you follow the general rules which all ad networks have. The minimum payout is fairly low around $10 and they do send out payments with several payment processor platforms. Bidvertiser has display ads, pop under, and slider ads that work both on mobile and desktop.

Some of the display ads are actually CPA ads which will definitely increase your earnings. The niche which you are targeting is extremely important when it comes to Bidvertiser, as for some reason this ad network doesn’t use relevant ads, so you might have a post about solar panels and ads showing up for totally irrelevant things like ballpoint pens.


Although Viglink is not a traditional display ad platform it is still a good alternative if you have low traffic. Viglink is fairly similar to Infolinks, it uses keywords from your article to convert them into ads. The biggest difference between the two is that Viglink will convert your keywords into affiliate links,  let’s say that you are writing about solar panels, Viglink will take that keyword and convert it into a clickable affiliate URL.

Once a user clicks on the URL and purchases the product you will get a commission, this means that the earning potential is fairly high. With Infolinks you would be paid a couple of cents if a user clicks on an inText ad and whit Viglink you will get a percentage of the sale. Although someone clicking on one of your links and someone actually converting into a sale are two different things but in some niches, Viglink can perform extremely well. If you have an Amazon affiliate website and you are not satisfied with how Amazon converts then give this platform a try.


The Amazon affiliate program will perform well even if you have low traffic. The best part about the Amazon affiliate program is that you will get a commotion for everything a user purchases if they have clicked through from one of your Amazon affiliate links. While this affiliate program is not actually a display ad network you can use it like one. You can use their Native Shopping Ads to create display ads for your website.

Let’s say that you have an article about solar panels, then you can use the Native Shopping Ads to create display ads that have solar panels. Just keep in mind not to display the most expensive items that you can find, just go with mid range products which have a lot of reviews.

Direct ad sales

In certain niches, you could approach your competitors to ask them if they want to place an ad on your website. Most of the ones who are interested will ask them how much traffic you have, but some of them will place an ad on your site just for the SEO benefit. Even if you do not have traffic you can still have high-quality articles and a clean link profile which means that backlinks from your website can be fairly valuable.

Pop Up Ad networks

For the most part, using pop up or pop-under ad networks to monetize your website is not a good idea, although if you are having trouble getting accepted by the other ad networks than you can give them a try. I won’t be talking about one specific pop up or pop-under ad network as they are like mushrooms, popping up after the rain and then disappearing completely. You have to be extremely careful which pop up ad network you go with.

There are a lot of pop up ad networks and most of them are soo desperate to make a profit that they will approve any ads, this includes ads with malware and adware. Malwarebytes does a good job of blocking these pop-up networks, so you should find a reputable pop-up network that isn’t blocked by antiviruses.

In conclusion

As you can see you have a couple of alternatives for Adsense even if you have little to no traffic. My personal recommendation is to go with as this is a reputable ad network and in a lot of niches, it can easily outperform Adsense. Which of the Adsense alternatives you should use depends mostly on the niche which you are targeting, some ad networks work well in some niches and some don’t.

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